Some Holiday Cheer: Halloween Sale on Horror Stories

Greetings from Japan.  Hope you don’t mind some shameless self-promotion, but ’tis the season…

NOW through November 1st, my adult horror collection A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley is marked down to only $0.99 (ebook version).

I know for sure that it’s up at that price on Amazon and Smashwords as of this posting, but sites like Barnes & Noble and Kobo might take another day or two to catch up on the price change.  (Just click on the site names here to check.)  Enjoy!

I am also planning for my fantasy novel Tarnish to go up for $0.99 for a limited time between now and the New Year, and expecting to publish my new book Hungry Gods (simplified synopsis: superheroes vs zombies) by December 31st as well.


J. D. Brink

Brink’s Chaos Theory

  • Unrelated, how are things going in Japan? You all settled in, getting into whatever your routine is?

    • JD Brink

      No, not really. :) Our worldly possessions are still weeks away, I’m only now getting to start my new job (been in orientation classes mostly up to now), can’t get my kid into any of the overcrowded day cares, and my wife’s going to go crazy with nothing to do but babysit him all day, everyday. So still very much in the transition period. But it’ll get better, I know. We have three years to get adjusted. Thanks for asking, though!

      • Sounds like fun… ;)

        What is it you do anyway? I know you’re in the military, Navy right?

        • JD Brink

          Well, the *first time* I was in the Navy I was a crypto on a ship home-ported here in Japan. Then I got out with no plans on coming back in… Now I’m an ER nurse at the hospital here on the same base. I have 10 years in total, 10 to go to get a pension. Seems like a looong way to go, but if I get out I know I’m 30 years away from a pension so… we’ll see.

          • Gotcha. Being an ER nurse must come in handy with a little one. If nothing else you know when it’s worth a trip to the hospital or not ;)

            • JD Brink

              Exactly. I gotta talk my wife outta taking him all the time. :)

    • JD Brink

      Those are fun! I really liked #13.

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