House of Paincakes: SEO Description & Keywords

The latest article in my successful blogging series over at House of Paincakes covers part two, and the last, of SEO (search engine optimization).


It’s easy to see the SEO articles in the series aren’t meeting much response. I kind of expected that, though I had hoped for more response than I’ve seen. Still, if only a few take my lessons to heart, work what they’ve learned into their site for SEO and see the growth then I’ll be more than happy.

Not sure what the next article in the series will be but definitely something way less technical and more interesting to read, whatever it is.

  • Always a useful read those, my thanks.

  • I read the whole series if it makes you feel better. :D Really great stuff! Between you and Cadian Shock I feel like I understand SEO better than ever. Now, actually implementing any of the advice is another thing. What a pain…

    • SEO basics aren’t hard but it damn well can be time consuming. When I started this blog I had the very, very basics of SEO in place. I wasn’t writing content with SEO in mind and I damn sure wasn’t optimizing anything for SEO. I have spent more than a year rectifying that. It’s not what I consider fun, updating old content for SEO, but the results have been worthwhile and so I continually chip away at it as I have time.

      As I said in that article, start with ensuring all future content is created with it in mind. It’s easier to put out new content that is SEO ready than to update all the old stuff. At least that way you will ensure the new stuff gets posted ready to go and it will get picked up immediately for SEO optimization. Then, as you have time, update some old stuff but don’t worry about doing everything. Some content isn’t worth updating for SEO. Take this article here. This is a short post pointing to another article. It’s not SEO optimized as I’m not aiming for this article to rank. Same thing with my WIP articles, I don’t optimize that stuff. However, tutorials and editorials usually get the full SEO treatment.

      Again, it’s not fun but I assure you it’s very much worthwhile. Once you get the hang of it then it becomes second nature and doesn’t add that much in the way of time when creating new content.

      • Crazy useful information Thor. Many thanks for taking the time to write and share it with us! (I mean it!)

        • My pleasure.

          You know, the biggest thing with SEO in our niche is this. Nearly nobody at all leverages SEO for their 40K/wargaming blogs. That’s what turned me on to SEO, nobody was doing it and I knew that if I learned about it and applied it that I would rank well. I was right and my number one referrer is Google and I have a lot of highly ranked articles that constantly generate traffic.

          I suppose that’s why I was tried to be so thorough and adamant that SEO is important. With so few bloggers in our community doing it, even doing a little SEO will go a long way because that little is more than most are doing. If you want more readers on your blog, to get more engagement from readers, well you need your content to be found and that’s what SEO is for.

          • Aye. Thanks so much. It’s because of articles like these (and cadian shocks), that my blogger footprint has grown considerably! Now to apply all these new lessons :).

      • Yeah, that’s kind of what I’ve been thinking as well. My WIP shots are great for social media links and regular blog followers, but I don’t care much if they rank so I can have a little more fun with the copy. Product reviews and stuff, though, will be getting a little more attention. :D

      • SEO is a pain in the ass, expecially when Google don’t tell you what the incoming search words are anymore! However, this is a good resource and I have rechecked my site in line with what you’ve said.
        However, you realise that everyone who reads this and does it now makes an obscure niche uber-competitive, right? ;)

        • Google will tell you the incoming terms if you use their Webmaster Tools.

          I do realize I’m creating more competition but I felt the community service was worth it :)

          • You’re a bloody saint! :P
            However, it remains a really handy set of articles you’ve produced.

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