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Sexy SEO GirlThe next installment in my successful blogging series over at House of Paincakes was to finally step into the realm of SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is something that your typical blogger doesn’t consider. He/she writes an article, publishes it, end of story. Your successful bloggers, those who make a living at it or simply those just generate a lot of traffic, are utilizing SEO to gain an edge over those won’t don’t and also those who do.

I’ll readily admit that SEO is not fun. It’s a responsibility of mine at my job if programming is slow. It’s a small company so we all wear many hats. I don’t enjoy the SEO process as it’s mostly tedious and generally common sense. However, what I do enjoy is seeing the results of the efforts. When something isn’t ranking at all and then suddenly it shows up on page #1 of Google, yeah, that’s a cool feeling. To that end, while I may not enjoy the process, I always enjoy learning and learning new/better ways to improve SEO can be interesting.

So, if you feel like picking up a few pointers on SEO for your article titles then go read. That is just the first of a few SEO articles I’ll be doing. If that article so far is any indicator, it’s a big hit with the crowd! Not really. I think I overwhelmed the shit out of most of the reader base…

  • Awesome! going to check it out right now Thor. Thanks so much for doing these!

    • It’s a big article…

      • Yup, its in one of my 40 or so blog tabs to read…haha

        • There’s no denying your commitment!

  • Will have to give that a look over. Cheers.

    • Be warned, your eyes may glaze over.

      • Will try push through ;)

  • Really useful, thanks Thor. I already have a basic knowledge of all this stuff but you’ve laid it all out very clearly, and I’m sure it’s going to help some fellow bloggers out. I definitely look forward to seeing more, and no doubt I’ll be able to make use of some of it over on Graven Games.

    • Thanks.

      I’ll be diving into more SEO stuff so that when it’s all pulled together people will have a good understanding of all the moving parts involved.

  • Sweet, I have the #2 search hit for Scrapwing. lol.

    • Sweet! ;)

      • In all seriousness, this makes a lot of sense. Titling my posts with “Here are some thoughts…” isn’t going to get much Google traffic, while “Raven Guard Scouts” might.

        • Exactly. It’s not a complicated concept but maybe something people never really considered in terms of SEO. A title like “You won’t believe this!” might do well to generate traffic but it’s meaningless to search engines.

  • JD Brink

    I definitely need to know more about this. I’ll be bookmarking your articles for later study!

    • It’s not overly complicated but it’s not light reading either, so make sure you have some free time to read it and digest :)

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