How do you find the time?

Hello all,

Well, another week has passed and I find myself with very little to show in the way of hobby progress.  I’ve managed to finish cleaning mold lines from my lootas and grot bots, add some basing texture, and prime them all.  I also manage to paint a little metal on one.  It’s not a lot of progress but after a hectic week at least it’s something.  This has got me to thinking about ways to improve my output a bit.

I have a space set aside for a dedicated working area but it’s down in the basement where it’s not always convenient or comfortable to work so I set up a tray for each project.  I like to have something large enough to hold the model/unit I’m working on, the extra pieces I’ll be adding to it, and most of the tools and supplies I’ll need for the build.  This way I can leave the project set up and just stash the tray when I’m not working.  I also have a portable painting station that holds my paints, brushes, water jar, and several models for the same purpose.  With this system it usually takes about five minutes to set up and start working, and another five to clean up again.  It’s not as ideal as just sitting down and getting to it but it’s not a bad second option.

The other struggle that I have is that it is often difficult to find the motivation to pick up the models.  After a long day of work and a couple hours of getting the kids through dinner and bed time I often just want to sit and vegetate a bit.  This is where I really suffer from having everything stashed in the basement.  If I’ve left everything set up where I can see it I’m just drawn to it but out of sight is out of mind so once I’ve brought everything downstairs it often stays down there for days.

So what tricks do you have for finding the time and motivation to work on your models?

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How do you find the time?
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