Human Catcher

Painting Showcase: Blood Bowl Human Catcher

This catcher is the first hire to the starting roster of my Human team. My team has had a bit of a slow start, so I was glad when I had the treasury to finally pick up a catcher.

Not a lot to say about the model. He’s painted the same as the rest of my team. I am pretty happy with the skin though. This is the third model I’ve painted with dark skin, and I finally feel like I’m getting the right idea with it.

Human Catcher Gallery

If you would like to see the rest of the team then check out the Titan Bay Thunderhawks showcase.

Blood Bowl Stuff

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Nils Holmbergh

He looks great just as the other ones you’ve shown. I think that the team will look fantastic together.


He looks really good. I like the armour shading, and the skin looks excellent too


Nice job as always! You’ve worked out a very nice formula for dark skin and the blending is spot on.


Nice! I’m still trying to find somewhere local with a league, and consoling myself with the tablet version for the moment.


Great skin tone here Thor. You have definitely nailed it!


Wow, you really have taken to these BB guys well. Really can see the focussed work on such a small unit. Well played.