Human Linemen Showcase

Showcase: Titan Bay Thunderhawks Linemen for Blood Bowl

I got the last three Human Linemen painted up the other week for my starting roster, so I figured I’d do a group shot.

Human Linemen Gallery

I have to admit that I like how the team is coming out. I could easily have this team done if I were shooting for the same standard I do with most of my 40K stuff. However, I’m taking my time and enjoying the process. Plus, I was curious to see how quickly, or slowly, I could paint the team to the standard I’m doing. Surprisingly it’s not too bad now that I have the process worked out.

With the Linemen done (for now), I’ve moved on to the Blitzers. I have four of them to get done. The final model will be the Ogre, but more on that soon ;)

Update: The entire team is finished if you’d like to see the completed Human team.

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Showcase: Titan Bay Thunderhawks Linemen for Blood Bowl
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