Humans vs Dwarves

Human Team vs Dwarves for Blood Bowl Season #2

The second week of Blood Bowl saw my Human team, the Titan Bay Thunderhawks, face Benito’s Dwarven team, The Miners 69’ers. This was Benito’s first game in the season, and my second game; having played Kenny’s Orcs last week. Benito had a higher TV (team value) on account of me having a Blitzer out from last game. That Orc game was rough.

The Game

First Half

Benito opted to receive the ball.

Humans vs Dwarves #1

The Dwarves were pushing back my line and making a drive up my left side.

However, the Dwarves were a bit too aggressive and the Runner advanced without much protection. So, I marked up the Runner with my Thrower, got up a Blitzer wo dodged away and blitzed into the Runner, popping the ball loose.

My Thrower proceeded to pick up the ball and make a break for it.

But the stunties caught up, and a Slayer knocked down my Thrower.

Humans vs Dwarves #8

My Thrower would not be denied, however. Clearing the Slayer from the ball area, my Thrower would pick up the ball and run in a touchdown.


Second Half

This half things got real interesting.

Humans vs Dwarves #11

The ball landed on my right, so I moved over to cover it, and the following turn I picked it up.

I forgot a few pictures here, but the Dwarves were able to bust up my loose cage. My Thrower went down, the ball bounced out-of-bounds, and was thrown in. The throw-in put the ball right next to the Dwarven Runner, who then picked up the ball.

Humans vs Dwarves #14

I was able to cream the Runner, and once again had the ball.

I was making my way up field with my Blitzer when I went to pass to a Lineman. Catching it would have let me score, but Nuffle had other ideas.

Humans vs Dwarves #17

My accurate pass was not caught. So, everyone comes in for the ball.

Humans vs Dwarves #18

And here’s where things get fun. A Dwarven Blocker grabs the ball on a 5+ (1 tackle zone), and wants to throw a long bomb, so a 6+. The pass is inaccurate, not surprising.

Humans vs Dwarves #19

However, the ball lands, bounces, and is caught by a Runner who then runs in a touchdown!

The game was tied, 1-1.

At this point I’m down a few players with only a few turns left.

The ball lands.

I sent players down field to prepare for a pass the following turn. However, a failed blitz with a re-roll (double skulls twice!) screwed it all up.

With the ball on the field, the Dwarves came in for it. We would fight over it for a while, but a failed pick-up by my Thrower bounced the ball, and was caught, to the Dwarven Runner. The same one who scored earlier.

Humans vs Dwarves #24

And the damn Runner would score again!

Humans vs Dwarves #25

Game over. Victory to The Miners 69’ers: 2-1.


A damn awesome game. I’d say this was the best game I’ve had with my Human team.

The amazing string of luck by Benito when he picked up the ball, lobbed it down field, and a lucky bounce let him catch it (not causing a turnover), changed the game. That’s the thing I LOVE about Blood Bowl. Everything can completely change in a single turn; hell a single move sometimes. While that may have cost me the game, it was so impressive that you have to admire it on either side of the situation.

If you aren’t playing Blood Bowl then get the game and play it. You will not regret it.

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Spectre Senence

I have to say that single turn with your lineman failing to catch an accurate pass, allowing that desperate grab and Chuck. I was banking on changing field position not catching it but Cohen Copperneck wanted to be the team’s star. It was super fun to play again in a social setting rather than on a video console. I am looking forward to facing Jenny’s Orc next week!


Most of my BB experience is with my Dwarves, and I have to say, it amazes me how often I manage to pull off wacky stuff like that. They’re trickier than they look!