Humans vs Orcs

Titan Bay Thunderhawks vs The Kilgorz – Blood Bowl

Wednesday was the last day of the first Blood Bowl season at my FLGS. I only got in 3 of my 4 season games, but I played a handful of friendlies. Friendlies are games against other teams that you aren’t scheduled to play. The idea being that you can get in some more games, make more cash, advance players, etc. Friendlies don’t impact your record.

Anyway, my game on Wednesday was a friendly against Kenny and his Orc team. We’re the most active players at the shop, and this was our 3rd friendly game.

Note: The Space Marine you see is my new Catcher. I forgot him at home, so I had to use a proxy ;)

First Half

Kenny won the coin flip and decided to kick to me, which suited me. I prefer to try to score in the first half against a bashy Orc team anyway. The weather decided to rain.

I got the kickoff and drove up the left side of the field with my Thrower.

I was making great progress, cleared a nice path, and then decided to start stalling. I was in goal range, but it was turn #5, and I didn’t want to give Kenny the chance to score in the first half.

On turn #7 I decided to throw to a Blitzer in range to score. I wanted that Blitzer to score so he could level up. Well, with the rain factoring in, the Blitzer didn’t catch the ball. The ball bounced off the field, and the fans threw it back near the center field.

The ball after being thrown back in by fans.

I had one turn to get the ball and score. My Thrower got the ball, went to throw, and he fumbled!

Second Half

The second half saw me kick off. Kenny got the ball with his Thrower and drove forward.

Second Half

I really wanted to force the ball loose to make up for my lack of scoring first half, so I sent a Blitzer and both Catchers after his Thrower. Kenny saw me committing to the left to chase him, so he shifted to my right.

Chasing Orcs

My team moved to the right as well, and eventually I popped the ball loose. However, it was buried in a sea of bodies, and neither one of us managed to get it down field.

In to Sudden Death

Kenny kicked off to me. I was 2 players down, the Orcs having beaten my team senseless in the second half. So, I decided to send anyone down field I could for a pass.

Sudden Death

I got a Blitzer and Catcher in scoring range, and Kenny moved to mark them up. His Thrower had a going for it roll that he failed. Neither of us had re-rolls left, so that left me wide open to try to score.

My Blitzer moved up the field, threw a successful short pass, which my Catcher caught! The Catcher ran in to score and win the game 1-0 in sudden death.

Touch Down!


Every single game Kenny and I have played has gone to sudden death, which is pretty awesome.

The regular season is now over, and we’re going into the playoffs. I won all 3 of my season games that I played, making me the top seed in my division. Overall, including friendlies, my team went 6-1, so I can’t complain. That one loss was against Kenny and these very same Orcs.

I’ll be working out the playoffs schedule soon, so we will have our first Blood Bowl champion. Unfortunately, so far 3 players have opted out of the playoffs. The league began with 9 players, dropped down to 8 during regular season, and now only 5 remain; and I fully expect at least another 1 player to drop. I’m afraid this may be the first and only Blood Bowl season for a while :(

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Spectre Senence

Awesome game, I love those last minute heroics. To bad for the losing interest. I absolutely love this game and surprised to see players fold. The teams are so different that a little searching often finds the right fit for you. Well if you guys shift the season 2 to a Sunday I would be able to sign up and join.


Good stuff chief. I do love how close BB games generally are.