Counts-as Huron Blackheart: Modeling Concept

I mentioned yesterday talking about my Biker Chaos Lord that I need to start working on a counts-as Huron for my army, so last night I started that process.

I will end up creating a built-in heavy flamer for the lightning claw. The claw is two parts and I didn’t set in the fingers for the test shot.

The parts are from a bit of everything but it’s what I like about it. My Chaos Space Marines are renegades, they scrounge for every piece of equipment they can get and this fits the bill. Obviously things are just blue tacked in place but I’m looking for feedback. I think the parts will work well.

What do you think?


If you’d like to see the completed model then check out my Huron Blackheart painting showcase.

  • The parts look great. I want to see him on a bigger more elaborate base though! Maybe a scrap pile to go with your background on your army?

    Also think some cloak bits might go well to add some detail or flow on the legs (or maybe glue some grenades or holster on his hips).

    • Those legs were already glued on the base. I basically found stuff I liked and stuck it together. I would like to do something with the base though but I always have a hard time on a 25mm base, it’s so damn tiny!

      A cloak could be cool but the problem is that torso is magnetized and will be magnetized to the legs for when he instead rides a bike. I was thinking about other bits though, like you said. Bulk him out some and add in detail.

      • Ahhhh I see. You are using him for both the bike and foot. Got ya! Ya the cloak won’t work for both. But for future reference

        They fit under the power packs.

        As for the legs on the base, you can get them off with an exacto, if you have extra bases. Since the torso is magnetized, would be even easier. (since you’d have some leverage).

        I’m actually working on 25mm test bases right now, so I know what you mean. :)

        • I’m not worried about getting the legs off. That will be easy, especially with just one foot glued down.

          I’ll be interested to see what you devise for a 25mm base.

          • I’m currently trying to figure out what bases I’m going to be doing for the daemon orks vs the normal orks. So I’m trying to base them similarly with opposing color schemes. It’ll be the same style base for both, but the ork bases will have greens and browns throughout, while the daemon ones will be more of an ashy wasteland with pops of red and black.

            Waiting for the glue to dry so I can prime them. Going to miss my Wednesday post, oh well! hehe

  • BenitoSenence

    I would add something on or around the legs. The top makes a V image with the model which has a lean appearance not a big tough marine look.

    • The lack of shoulder pads isn’t helping either. I agree though, he needs a bit of bulk on him.

  • Looks like a good start, but I’ve always been on the fence about the berzerker legs. They often look less like they’re running and morel like they’re about to face plant. I think the problem is that someone who is running doesn’t usually have their foot that high and far behind them at the same time as their other foot is planted. I think it would help a lot if you repositioned it a little so that the front foot is further ahead of him. If you’re doing a scenic base for him you can easily bulk up a little dirt in front of his foot with the toe a little above his heel, like his foot is sinking down a bit as he lands. That will kick the hips back and rear foot down a little so that his center of gravity doesn’t look like it’s ahead of his feet.

    Other than that I like the pose of the arms and the combination of bits.

    • See, these particular legs don’t bother me so much. Normally I would agree; it’s what I was saying about the Berzerkers I was painting previously that were posed by someone else. However, I think I managed a reasonable pose that the posture doesn’t feel so off to me.

      I see it more like he’s lunging forward and less like he’s running, hence the forward posture. I think if I base him raised up a bit and set him on the edge of something then it will give the impression he’s lunging off into the fray; at least I hope.

      • Fair enough. The only real difference between a tackle and a face plant is what you hit at the end!

  • JD Brink

    Looking good. I like the horny head and style on the claw. Huron is one of my fave characters–he’s just about got it all. He’s also a cool character anyway, the whole pirate story and all. I made my own too but made him like a renegade space wolf guy. I kinda regret not fielding him AS Huron the pirate lord.

    • He really is a solid HQ option. He rarely does anything spectacular but he rarely does nothing either.

      I also really like his story but I never use named characters as what they are in my armies so that part matters little to me. Though, it’s the cool stories that tend to initially draw my interest.

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