Huron: WIP #2-1

Counts-as Huron Blackheart: More Modeling Progress

Work continues on my counts-as Huron. As Kamui said the other day, work when you can no matter how little that is, and that’s what I’m doing. Progress is slow but it’s progress.

First up, some shots.

Again, everything is magnetized from the arms to the upper torso to legs and even the backpack. I had to reset the lower torso/leg magnet because the upper torso wasn’t sitting right. Magnetizing a torso is more of a chore than I thought it would be.

Complaining aside, you’ll notice I re-based him and used the rock to straighten up the normally skewed pose from the Berzerker legs. He still has a forward momentum look, which I like, without leaning to a side, which looks off normally. I figured the rock would help lend to the idea that he’s about to leap onto someone. Oh, shoulder pads are on now too which really helps finalize the look.

You’ll also notice the heavy flamer on his lightning claw. I went for the same look as the normal Huron model in this regard because I like the look of it; it’s simple and doesn’t ruin the look of the claw. There isn’t much to it but I’m happy with it.

Official model for heavy flamer reference.
Official model for heavy flamer reference.

I’m still debating adding something to his legs. It was mentioned last round to use pouches, grenades, etc. I tried the bits I had and nothing sits just right and then there’s the added problem of a magnetized upper body. I’m still not sure what I want to do really. With how I have him setup now I don’t feel so compelled to add more to the lower half but I’m undecided.

Comments and feedback welcomed!

Update: The model has since been completed. Feel free to check out the counts-as Huron Blackheart showcase.

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Counts-as Huron Blackheart: More Modeling Progress
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