Huron Blackheart: PIP #1

Huron Blackheart: Paint in Progress

With three weeks to go until the Standish Standoff, 40K tournament, I’ve finally started putting paint on my counts-as Huron (yet to be named).

Let’s jump into some shots. Sorry for the quality on some of these. I snapped shots real quick this morning before heading into work.

As you can see it’s in varying stages of completion. With everything being magnetized (torso, arms, backpack and legs), I’m working on completing one part at a time. I did want to get some paint on everything though just to see things pulled together a bit.

The legs and base are nearly done at this point. I’m waiting on some snow flock I ordered to come in so I can wrap that up. I found a great tutorial on doing snow bases that I’m going to use for this. I like my method but it’s not nearly as convincing as the one I found. That method gives some texture to the base and I really think it will elevate what I’ve been doing.

At this rate I should be done with this model, the last I need in my list, before the event with some breathing room. I’m sure I’ll have another update later this week.

What color should I do the head? It’s the one element I haven’t figured out yet.

Update: Check out the counts-as Huron fully painted.

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Huron Blackheart: Paint in Progress
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