I’m My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy - StupidYou ever have that realization that you are your own downfall in a game? That there’s some daemon lurking inside your mind telling you to do stupid stuff despite the fact you know it’s a bad idea? I feel that way and I need to exorcise my daemons.

Now, we’re not talking about bad deployment, poor lists, terrible strategy. What I’m referring to is that voice you hear in various situations that says, “Don’t worry about it, it’ll be fine. Sure, it’s risky but it will all work out.” Let me give you a prime example. I was playing a game yesterday and long story short, a refused flank deployment was key. I was going second and had the benefit of seeing how that would be crucial to my deployment. I began deploying in such a manner and then thought, “Hmm, if I put this unit closer to him I can get a clear lane of fire for a turn. Sure, they’ll die but they’ll do a bunch of damage first. Oh, and if I put this other unit over here to support that first unit then I’ll ensure maximum damage before death.” I bet you can guess what happened. Those two units did virtually nothing and died. It then allowed him to consolidate closer and leave me a bit flat-footed.

That is just one such example, I have many. I’m not a bad player but I do stupid things at times. I figure if I were a bad player then I wouldn’t recognize my mistakes or question what that little daemon who whispers soothingly into my ear says. It’s tough. The thing I believe that keeps me doing it is the risk vs reward. It’s a huge risk, the reward could be big, it’s a gamble and if it pays off then I’ll be sitting in a good position. Naturally the risk generally far outweighs the reward, which of course makes it a bad idea. However, it’s like skydiving, bungee jumping, or any number of extreme sports. Dangerous and life threatening but an amazing adrenaline rush.

I’m not after pity or any of those I play who read this to boost my morale. I figure the best way I can overcome this glaring weakness is to admit it and what better way of doing that then putting it all out there?

  • Loquacious

    At the moment, I am in this camp simply due to “ignorance” (IE I don’t know any better). I second guess myself a lot but don’t have the wisdom to compare

  • Loquacious

    Ack, got cut off. Without wisdom to compare ideas against, it’s pretty easy to make idiot mistakes and flub the game.

    • Yeah, we’ve all been there and it’s expected, you’re learning. The problem is when you know better and still make those type of mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    the age-old debate between the “big payoff” and the “average return.” I do the same thing. I get so protective of my crisis suits that I’ll often end up losing all three squads in a vain attempt to keep from losing one. They usually go out in a blaze of glory though.

    • I’m the opposite and will not protect something I should have.

  • Man, I hear ya. And it’s not just about “debate” – it’s like you say, there’s just a stupid little voice in your head that tells you to do something and you listen to it.

    You know it’s a bad idea while you’re doing it, but that voice tells you not to worry about it. Alarm bells might be ringing, and for some reason you think, “Nah, it’ll be ok.”

    It can happen at any stage of a game – building a list, deployment, movement, shooting, charging, etc, etc…

    I do well with Footdar, but I think that’s a factor of my opponents. Close combat NEVER works for me. Let me stress that – NEVER. EVER. I wreck with my Shooty Footdar lists, long range shooting, close range shooting, but close combat NEVER works for me. Did I mention never? But every now and then I get the stupid idea to try it again. I know it’ll fail. I know that nomatter what I try on the field, that it will fail. I can throw full units of scorpions, banshees or harlies against a worked down unit of guardsmen and they will defeat me. This might not just be the stupid voice, perhaps it’s coupled with some form of curse, but it’s just the way things go.

    Other times it’s the decision to try and cross difficult terrain instead of going around reliably. “Nah, it’ll be ok.” *rolls a 1* In a short game of 40k, you don’t have the time to waste on such things.

    • So you hear the voices too? Wonder if our voices talk to one another…

    • In also seriousness though, I believe it’s easy enough for people like us to deal with the problem, or should I say, easy enough to recognize the potential problem. It’s one thing to make a strategic decision that falters, it’s another to make a poor decision. Acknowledging that we know it’s a bad idea at the time but the honeyed tongue of the voice pushes us, we just have to resist the urge. I’m going to try like hell to stick with that. If I find myself questioning my decision then I’m going to sit back and think and truly evaluate it. I have to, I’m getting tired of being a big factor in my own losses.

      • Anonymous

        I grew up watching Star Wars… like every day. I think of my voices as Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles (I’m getting REALLY nerdy). My voice of reason says “Excuse me, sir, but what good are snub fighters against THAT?” The other voice (which simply obeys the rule of cool) says “it’s not so bad, I used to bulls eye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they’re not much bigger than 3 meters.”

        Hence, my ciris suits pour on the fire – and the single marine/daemon/Nob whatever that emerges proceeds to wreck house.

  • Baa to much probability studies in college that little voice has actual number to back up his arguments now.

    Although so far my game record is 100%. I think I should stop now while I’m on top. <.<

  • James S

    Thor, once again it sounds like we have a similar playstyle. My little voice’s motto seems to be “hey, it’s worth a try. That’s what guardsmen are for right?” I swear the odds have to be really, really bad for me to consider being defensive.

    This leads me to two thoughts:
    1). It’s lucky I’m not a real general.
    2). If you and I played a game it would be a ri-godamn-diculous bloodbath :D

    • Our own stupidity would cancel one another out and the game would be balanced. That’s what I need to do, ask the players the the LGS if they hear the voices too and only play those people. Yeah, there we go…

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