Inquisitor 40K Movie

Inquisitor: 1996 Games Workshop Movie

I completely forgot about this gem until just recently while searching YouTube for cool Warhammer 40K stuff. Here’s a bit of info taken right from the Lexicanum page for it.

In 1996, for the 25th Anniversary Games Day, Games Workshop released (for limited sale) a short movie entitled Inquisitor. This movie was created using clips and footage that was created as a pitch to G.W. for a movie deal. There were also trailers for two other films, “Hive Infestation” and “Blood for the Blood God“. “Hive Infestation” pitted Space Wolf terminators against a genestealer cult infestation of a hive world. “Blood for the Blood God” portrayed orks and Dark Angel marines fighting along with an inquisitor, much in the style of the Epic 40,000 video game cut scenes, but little information was given on this short film aside from a shot of a berserker of Khorne (available in YouTube but flagged by Games Workshop, removing the movie).

And for your viewing pleasure, the film in its entirety. It’s so bad it’s good and you can’t help but watch.


What do you think? Had you seen this before?

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Inquisitor: 1996 Games Workshop Movie
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