Into the Power-Armored Blue Yonder… I Break a Long Standing Vow.

Raptor Space Marine on TarosThis is what my new Space Marine army will look like (click the left image for a full view). The Raptor Chapter (Sometimes referred to as the Raptor Legion) has been a particular favorite of mine ever since I saw them in Imperial Armour 3: The Taros Campaign.

My recent Battle of the Burbs experience has reignited my passion for the hobby side of the Warhammer 40k. On the ride home from the tournament in Massachusetts, I got the impression that most of the players from Crossroad Gammes felt the same way. Perhaps that is the greatest argument for the “full immersion” 40k experience that The Battle of the Burbs offers. Seeing great armies like the amazing Ravenwing, Daemon, and Elysian armies on display completely overpowered my inherent laziness and has catapulted my headfirst into a huge project with a smile on my face.

As for the force itself, I am deviating from the Taros fluff somewhat. My Raptors will have willingly stayed behind after the Imperial withdrawal to continue a guerilla campaign that just seems to fit with a successor of the Raven Guard. I’m going for a WWII Desert Rats sort of feel for this army. They’ll be mostly mechanized with lots of gear festooned on their vehicles. Unlike my Tau army, this force will not be “factory fresh” so expect lots of battle damage and grittiness.

The whole vow thing came after a particularly rough tournament where my Tau got their flat little faces caved in by a succession of super-human warriors in power armor. I said that I would never start a marine army and then went on to question the man-hood of anyone who did. Of course, I soon realized that I probably had close to 2000 points of marines lying around unassembled and unloved in my bitz drawers at home. With my Tau now firmly under-powered in the face of Feel no Pain, Descent of Angels, wound abuse Nobs/Thunderwolves/whatever, and just generally awesome 5th edition armies (*cough* IG *cough*), I needed an army that could hang with the 5th edition bad boys.

It is still early days and the force is mostly in the conceptual phase as I try to work out the aesthetic I’m looking for. Expect WIP shots of my first unit (Land Speeder Storm) soon.

Until then, It feels good to be back in the loving embrace of 40k after a few months away.

  • What’s the best dinosaur? He’s got something to say about raptors… and it’s pretty amusing.

    • That was awesome.

  • Glad to see the motivation is still there.

    Don’t feel bad. I never thought I’d start Marines either. Like most beginning Xenos players, I had a strong hatred for all the love the Imperium got, both in and out of the game. Yet, they worm into you slowly, if they don’t take you at first, and suddenly you’re pushing around the boys in power armor.

  • ming from b&c

    I look forward to your addition to the Imperium. And I await the Tau codex, so I can build an army of them in the future.

  • Meant to say yesterday, I’m with you on the fluffy-hobby immersion. Fluff bunnies get a lot of shit but they’re on to something. I’m down with a straight up win/loss or battle points tournament. Hell, I was the one pushing it at XRG last year. However, something like Battle for the Burbs has a place and it’s fun. You can’t help but walk away from that inspired, so many cool armies in terms of aesthetics, theme and story. It was an awesome change of pace for sure.

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