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Hello everyone, I’m Lukas, I’ve been playing 40k for a bit over 2 years now, I started out with Space Wolves, cause I recognized how good power armor was, but I didn’t realize I had picked what was regarded as one of the best codices in the game (to this day I refuse to play more than one squad of long fangs, if I even play the Wolves).

The Christmas after I started I picked up the beginnings of a Necron army, during its… less than efficient time. Even though their codex sucked, and was viewed as the worst in general, I enjoyed it more than the Space Wolf one (as I played wolves to fluff, i.e combat oriented, which is a thousand times less good). So I ‘suffered’ through 5th edition ‘crons, and loved every minute of it, as I had roughly 80-90% WBB rolls, couldn’t keep a good robot down.

Anyhow, I”ve been playing Necrons for awhile, and I think I have a fairly decent grasp on the new ones, so I”d like to share my thoughts on strategies and tactics. Aside from that you may see the odd warmachine/hordes article, or a Space wolves rant. I”ll try to keep the ranting to a minimal though.

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