Introspection: The Road to Redemption

RedemptionI mentioned Sunday about a long streak of bad luck, well that streak continues this week. I faced off against Khorne Inquisitor last night and his mono-Khorne Daemons and I was tabled by turn #6.

I would love to blame my list or my dice but the reality is neither of these are the cause for my losses. Sure, bad dice can make a bad situation worse but if you’re in that bad situation to begin with then odds are something already went wrong. Hell, I could blame the old and flavorless Chaos codex too but I’d just be kidding myself. For the record, I thoroughly enjoy Chaos despite that previous statement.

What I really need to do here is be completely honest with myself. My rolling could get better or a new Chaos codex arrive and give me an edge but I can’t control either of those things. I need to work with the tools I have, not the ones I wish I did. I think for a while I was burying my head in the sand but last night’s ass kicking made it apparent I’m at fault here.

Greater Daemon vs Bloodletters
The Greater Daemon gets in over his head.

Using last night as an example, as it’s the freshest in my memory and the one where I realized I’m to blame for my string of losses lately. I had two major failings. The first, and most crucial, was lousy deployment. Deployment routinely bites me in the ass and I know others share my deployment woes. I deployed in a manner that I find works well against Daemons. I put no thought into my deployment beyond that, it’s worked great in the past. The problem was I did not take into account the terrain. The way the terrain was setup made my typical deployment in this match-up a bad choice. Along with that, I gave virtually no consideration to my opponent’s army. I thought only about what I had in my list and what it could do, not how it would match up against his list. It was that which lost me this particular game.

Second, I expended too much effort in a situation than I should have. I committed too much to one fight which left me weak in the area I needed strength. I put a lot of my army onto a Blood Thirster trying to drag it down in combat. In hindsight the smarter move would have been cutting my losses there and supporting my weak flank. I should have let that combat go, taken the minimal losses and freed up that Thirster so I could focus fire it down after.

There were other smaller mistakes and in the end it all coalesced into me being completely trashed. The funny thing is that my opponent fully expected to get his ass handed to him with his mono-Khorne build. I can’t say if that should have been the case, I think his list is strong despite being focused on one phase of the game, but the game should not have gone as poorly as it did for me.

What I’ve come to realize is I really need to get back to the basics. A better list or better rolling is only going to get me so far if my failings are my strategies and my tactics. I need to take myself off the auto-mode I’ve put myself in where I just do what I’ve done in the past. I think it’s easy to look at a game and think to yourself, well this has always worked well for me, with no further considerations. Really, no two games are the same no matter how similar they may seem. I need to take a step back and treat every game as it should be, a unique experience. My past experiences need to lend me insight and not dictate my game.

With that in mind I look forward to 6th edition all the more. I see 6th edition as a the perfect chance to wipe the slate clean and come out swinging again.

  • Warhammer39999

    Kudos to you for accepting your faults and trying to improve. Not everyone can see past bad dice rolls to determine where the need to focus their efforts. Certainly, a newer codex would help, but of you improve enough with an “inferior” dex, you’ll become a nightmare when chaos gets updated.

    • Seems ironic that I did better with Chaos when they were new to me than now with plenty of games under my belt. Of course it makes sense now though. When they were new to me I thought about everything more and so I made less mistakes.

      • BenitoSenence

        What helps me is getting behind the fluff, it’s not just to make your tournament list legit. I get into my characters and personalities of my units, I name characters, units [“Red Devils”], vehicles [“Silkstar”] all to help me care what they do in a game and make it a story, I’ve played in auto-pilot before, move a unit, throw dice, pick up models. Then pack up go home. I thank my Guard for this but when I played with them I enjoyed what they accomplished and my opponents were entertain by my antics of character. You began with a rich history tying in your Fate Angels. Try lending your Space Marines to a friend and create a scenario mission [which your great at] and let the story flow. I think that will get your focus back to your winning ways!

        • I do keep meaning to revisit fluff and get that fleshed out more. I’ve been focusing so much on making Chaos work that it’s almost becoming work. So, good call. Probably time to step back and bit and get invested in the army itself again.

  • JustHippie

    Awesome article Thor. We all can benefit from this advice. I found myself last night making assault moves I had no business making(horrors charging an overlord). Well there is a chance I thought(though it was a snowball’s chance)
    That all Melee Khorne list would have really got screwed by lash. The other factor was he dropped his first half loaded with all his toughest stuff. Every time I’ve tried stacking my preferred half I don’t get them and just get the weaklings. Then of course the reserves don’t even show up till turn 4+. He took a BIG risk and it paid him that time, next time maybe not.

    • I’m trying to pull away from lash. Yes, it would have been great to have last night but I really find in most of my games it’s more of a threat than it is anything else. It also gets me too focused on using it and tends to trip me up. I’ll go to great lengths to get it off and have it fail for one reason or another and be left with my pants down or over commit to it and weaken myself as a result. For some reason I feel if I take it and pay the points for it then I best be using it every turn possible. More of a mentality thing than it is anything about the power being useful or not.

      • JustHippie

        I can honestly say you are the only Chaos player I’ve faced that lashed me towards yourself. EVERY other guy uses it to push stuff out of range and then focus fire down units one at a time. Maybe this would help? Of course it depends on the target and opponent too.

        • khorneinquisitor

          While I agree that lash is really useful, after talking to you and reading the comments, I think that you made a better choice. HOWEVER, I suggest taking a DP of Slaanesh so you can get the 6 initiative, so even if charged by things like bloodletters, crushers, BA’s, or really any furious charge things you can smash it’s face before they even swing. Without the 2+ poison, the DPoN isn’t really worth the points.

  • bkbutlerme

    Your game seemed real quiet behind my back…mine was so slow it was like breathing in slow motion. The effort can make you pass out…but I digress…you need to get a pep talk beforre your next game…I might just be there to give it to you…the pep talk that is…

  • stealthystealth

    I think you were distracted by Blood Bowl :P

    • Well, I’m better at BB than 40K :P

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