Introspection: You Didn’t Try

Introspection - #1Those were the words I heard the other day as I playing a game of Blood Bowl against someone. The fact it was Blood Bowl is irrelevant, it just got me thinking. In this particular game he had scored in the 1st half and he kicked off to me. So, we went into the 2nd half with him up 1-0 and me kicking to him, not good odds for me.

I didn’t give up. I wasn’t optimistic but I didn’t stop trying either. However, what I did do was play a safe and typical defense, one he had no issues getting around and scoring quickly to put him up 2-0. At that point I basically gave up, commented that he had the game in the bag and then he said that I didn’t try and and if I took the fight to him I may have drawn or won the game. At the time I just shrugged and gave it one last shot but it was too late.

He was right though. Retrospection is a wonderful thing. It’s easy to get caught up in rhythms and just do what you always do. Some times though you just have to take risks and put it out there. The trick is knowing when the right time is for those risks. As humans we often find comfort in routines. When you take the initiative and do something different, take a risk, you can often throw another person off as it’s not a routine response and it forces consideration for your opponent. It’s no secret that the more you force your opponent to consider their strategy the more chance that they’ll make a mistake. I needed my opponent to make a mistake but I didn’t play that way. You can’t just hope they’ll screw up, you need to force their hand in it.

Routines in gaming will also see you plateau. That’s the point I’m at with Blood Bowl right now. I’ve reached a level of gaming with it where I do well but I just can’t seem to grow. I know it’s because I’m doing the same thing in response to situations and I just have to take risks and learn from them. Not every risk will work but in trying I’ll learn from it regardless of if it works or not.

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Introspection: You Didn’t Try
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