I’ve Got That New Army Itch

New Army ItchI’ve been seriously considering starting up a new army but haven’t nailed down what yet. To complicate the decision there’s the inevitable new Necron codex due out sooner than later but until I see it I can’t say for sure they’ll be my next investment.

I have Orks, Necrons and Marines, though the Necrons are severely neglected. So, whatever I decide on, if not Necrons when released, needs to be different from what I have now. I started listing the armies I’ve ruled out and why but it’s going to be easier to list the armies I am interested in and why. I’ll go alphabetically.

Chaos Daemons – We have a player at the LGS who has an amazingly painted Daemon that’s really peaked my interest in the army. They have interesting models and now with Finecast easier to deal with models, or will have. Lots of opportunities for conversion and varied paint schemes. The downside for me is the deep striking in bit. I’ve played this person enough to see it fail miserably and be the cause of losses, or at least a large reason.

Chaos Space Marines – I’ve always loved the bad guys. Like Daemons they offer a lot on the hobby front and are similar yet different from their loyalist counter-part. Seeing as I have loyalist Marines it would be an army that’s quick to get into since I can proxy easily. I also have a few theme ideas for these guys.

Eldar – After having read Path of the Warrior I found myself very interested in the army. I like the idea of specialists and a more finesse game play style but that’s not my strong suit and it may be more aggravating than fun. However, breaking the mold in my play style could be a very good thing.

Grey Knights – Elite armies are always a favorite of mine. I’d be very interested to try something outside the box with these guys on the gaming front. I enjoy the models, cool fluff and a flavorful army. We don’t have a flood of GK players at the LGS either so I wouldn’t be 1 of 100 playing them.

There we have it, me spouting my thoughts and indecision for you all to read. Right now I have to admit that Chaos Marines are in the lead. Of course I’d love feedback. Any of these armies an army you really enjoy? If so what is it that has your interest?

  • Turon

    I have played you a couple of times and I know when you are enjoying a game and when you are not. 

    I would not suggest the eldar for you. I think that you will get board and they will find a place next to your necrons quickly. 

    I think Demons are a good choice for you. Lots of hobby time for conversions and lots of list build opportunity. Demons are played semi competitively by some of the best players. Those players are always looking for a challenge and know its going to be a hard game. 

    Last I think what would be really cool to see you do would be. Chaos counts as Grey Knights. After really looking into the rules I think GK would make great Chaos. Lots of magic, You get a monstrous creature and henchman count as chaos cult. 

    So no real answer just some input. 

    • “I have played you a couple of times and I know when you are enjoying a game and when you are not. ”

      Are you saying I don’t seem to be enjoying the game right now? With my Marines?

      I’m going to stay away from counts-as with armies. Nothing against it but for me half of picking an army is what it looks like. If I picked Chaos then I’d play them as Chaos. I did think about counts-as with my Marines as Chaos but I like the Chaos models too much, rather own the actual models for it.

      As I said above, Chaos is my leading choice. I don’t feel like another loyalist army. If I went Chaos then I could proxy while Marines as I build them up. Lastly, they have access to some daemons so it’s an easy gateway into a full Daemon army later on.

      • Turon

        “Are you saying I don’t seem to be enjoying the game right now? With my Marines?”
        Nope. you just seem to find the Necrons boring and I think that you will find the same problems with the Eldar.

        • Fair enough. I’m also afraid that the updated Necrons won’t excite me a ton either, which I did an article on the other day. So, I search for my next army in case updated Necrons fall through.

          In either case, it won’t be until after ‘ard Boyz that I do anything serious. I’ll be using Marines for that and need to stay focused on that army. I’m sure I won’t move beyond the 1st round anyway.

  • bkbutlerme

    I always had a penchant for chaos space marines….pappa nurgle……he calls to me….

    • I hear that. I really like the models for Chaos and I’ve been reading over the codex and I do like what I see. I know they aren’t the most super competitive army out there by most standards but that’s never been my calling for picking an army anyway.

  • Amberclad87

    We don’t need anymore dam eldar players! You really want amish telling you how to play your army? ;-) I would lean towards chaos marines seeing as we don’t have a regular chaos player. What are you thinking of running for them?

    • I haven’t really hammered out any lists. I really like all their troop choices and could see running any and all of those in various set ups. The fast attack is a bit weak and overpriced so most likely ignore that slot initially. Possessed are attractive from a model perspective but expensive points-wise and lack power weapons, which blows. They look awesome though.

      Really though, I’ll probably do something fun. Not totally 100% fluffy to a Legion or a cult but also not the competitive mono-build either. Other than Possessed I also like any of the Daemon options model-wise, Daemon Prince, summoned Daemons, etc. I like the stuff they have that normal Marines lack for units, plus, why play Chaos if you’re only going to play the same crap Marine do?

      I really see myself doing these guys for fun and a change of pace.

  • Anonymous

    My vote is for Eldar :) When/if they ever get redone, they’ll for sure be an army I start/play. 

    Chaos could be fun too though.  None of the armies you picked besides GK’s are ‘top-tier’ but a good general makes more difference in my opinion!

    • I only compete at the LGS so it’s not like I’ll run into you at a GT or anything :)

  • Do any of them jump at you from a mod / painting standpoint? That could be a fun project.

    • Daemons and Chaos Marines really interest me from the hobby side of things. Both armies offer lots of possibilities for conversion and sculpting, my favorite aspect of the hobby. As far as painting goes both armies also offer something fun and different with various units having different schemes. As much as I enjoy my normal Marines, painting-wise it gets dull quick as they’re all the same except for a helmet here and there.

  • Anonymous


    • Meh. I’m not really interested in any of the chapter codices. Plus, from the hobby side of things it doesn’t really offer up anything different, actually less-so than my own Chapter does. At least with my own Chapter I can do what I want, mostly, and fluff it away.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been of the same mind of late, as well.  I paged through the Dark Angels book last night to see what it would take to make an Ultrawing list using my existing Terminators…and the options are terrible. There isn’t anything in the DA book that makes Deathwing radically different from the Marine book.  Fearless, 5-man squads with no fun weapon options, and the ability to arrive like Daemons.  Snoooozers.

        Unless the Sisters’ WD codex is amazing, I’m going to make my second army non-power armoured.  NinjaNids, Bondage Elf Fighterwing, or Leman Russ Tankers.

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