Join the Cult. Err, Blogroll!

If you have a blog, and you’d like to be listed on our blogroll, then you can toss me a comment below, or use this handy form over here. It doesn’t matter what game you play, or the nature of your content. All wargamers, and gamers, are welcomed to join.

The only thing we ask is in return is that you return the favor, and link back to us in your blogroll.

Note: I have this post scheduled for Sunday, and I will be out of town until Monday. So, you may not hear back from me until then.

  • The Warlock

    I don’t post all that often, but I’ll sign up. Can I use my HoP purple robes for this cult as well or do I need a different colour? :P
    blog is:
    For all the frequent posting I do.

    • You may use the same robes. I’ll allow it.

      I’ll get you added when I get home later today.

    • OK, got you setup for all that amazingly frequent posting you do ;)

      • The Warlock

        Thanks Thor, sounds like it’s time for some amazingly frequent posts :P

  • Nick Thrower

    Yes please! My blog address is
    Thanks in advance!

  • Replicant253

    Hi. I’ve posted a few comments over on Lapedus’ battle reports featuring my Dark Eldar. I have a hobby blog that i periodically add content to. Any chance getting it added?


    • Sure. I’ve just added you. Just be sure to return the favor :)

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