Kamui’s Summer Challenge 2011: Decisions Decisions

I’ve been pouring over the Space Wolves codex, sifting through my collection, and hunting around the web for tips and deals in the effort to build a list that will be effective and doesn’t cost me a lot more money.  After a little play-testing (and even some modelling!) I’ve settled on a starting list at 2000 points:



– Raemos (Counts as Bjorn) with Plasma Cannon


Dreadnought with Multimelta, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor, and Drop Pod

Wolf Guard : 5 Terminators with Combi-melta (3 Power Sword, 1 Wolf Claw, 1 Chainfist;) 2 Terminators with Power Sword, Storm Bolter, and Cyclone Missile Launcher (attached to small Grey Hunter Squads;) Power Armor, bolter (attached to a Long Fang squad;) and 2 Power Armor, bolter, Powerfist (attached to larger Grey Hunters.)


6 Grey Hunters with 1 Plasma Gun

5 Grey Hunters with 1 Plasma Gun

9 Grey Hunters : Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Power Sword in Drop Pod

10 Grey Hunters: 2 Plasma Gun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Power Sword

Heavy Support:

5 Long Fangs: 1 Plasma Cannon, 3 Missile Launcher

5 Long Fangs: 1 Lascannon, 3 Missile Launcher

Land Raider: Lascannons/Heavy Bolter

The basic idea here is that the first two pods land with a dredd and termies for a forward strongpoint while Bjorn and the Landraider spearhead the push forward.  Two smaller squads with attached CML give me rear scoring units and add to the long ranged support provided by the Long Fangs.  The third pod can add to the front line where needed or land on a neglected objective later in the game.  Bjorn’s re-roll for first turn helps increase the chance to cripple enemy transports before they can move into position.

It may not be an optimal list but I have all of the parts and it should be solid enough to get by while I decide what to buy next (and scrounge up the money to do so!)  Now that I’ve got my goal properly set I can focus on modelling and painting so that you can start seeing more pictures and less rambling from old Kamui.  For now I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of my couts-as-Bjorn in progress:



  • Nice work on the sculpting and it looks like it’ll be an interesting conversion. What did that guy start out as? Some sort of skeleton?

    • Anonymous

      It was a skeleton from the Heroquest game.  Since writing this I’ve mounted the cockpit on an AOBR dread and finished building the plasma cannon arm.  I’ll try to get some more WIP shots posted soon.

  • Anonymous

    That is wild!!

  • Looks cool, I like the WIP :)

    If you’re looking for a couple (quick/easy) tweaks, replacing the plasma guns in the Grey Hunter squads with Melta instead might work out well for you.  That way they can shoot then charge, and you’ll have much more ability to bring the hurt to tanks.  Grey Hunters are already awesome at anti-troop- I’d argue that you don’t really need the plasma at all, honestly :-p

    Just my 2 cents!  Looks like a fun list overall though!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the input.  I’m starting with plasma because I have a bunch of plasma guns.  I am relying mostly on the long fangs and CML to deal with tanks and the plasma gives me the 24″ range when sitting still. 

      That said, I have just picked up a few Tau fusion guns that I’m planning to use as scavenged melta guns.  I’ll probably swap a couple of them in.

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