Kamui’s Summer Challenge 2011: Falling behind

Hello all,

Raemos, my counts-as-Bjorn conversion, has taken a little longer than I had hoped, putting me about a week behind on the rest of the army.  The good news is that I’m happy with the way the model is coming together so I think it’s been worth the delay:

I still have some detail work left for the CCW arm and left shoulder, and I have to finish up the base.  That should be finished tonight.  Then I will return to basing and painting the rest of the army before I come back to Raemos.

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That came together nicely. I was sketchy on the cockpit but the details really pulled it together.

You just like using greenstuff, don’t you? You seem to use it for everything even when plasticard would be easier :P

Dave Garbe
Dave Garbe

Yup, looks pretty cool. Will be neat to see this one painted up!