Kamui’s Summer Challenge: Reavers progress

I’ve been working on shoehorning my old marine collection into a usable Space Wolves army.  As you can see my old collection is somewhat eclectic.


Summer Challenge: JumbleIn addition to this I’ve collected three tac squads from the Battle for McCragge and Black Reach boxes, 10 Black Reach termies, 2 Black Reach Dredds, 2 Space Wolf Pack boxes, a Land Raider, 4 random Terminators, and another 23 assorted marines.  I also have three partially constructed cardboard Drop Pods made using the GW template.  I’m still working out exactly what will go into my initial list but I know I’ll have Grey Hunters so I’m starting there.

I’ll post some detailed fluff for the Reavers later on, but for now it’s important to know that they were once Great Company of the Space Wolves, sent to reclaim a long-lost planet near the edge of the Eye of Terror.  After a series of catastrophic events the planet was consumed by the Eye and the surviving marines cast adrift in the Warp aboard their crippled fleet. They’ve survived the millennia by raiding space hulks for anything salvageable.  As a result the army will have a little bit of a rag-tag look with some some tech from other races and armor borrowed from other chapters.

I’ve been playing around with the McCragge marines to develop a paint scheme that looks good and won’t be too difficult to mass produce.  I like the idea of mostly unpainted armor, so I’m going with a worn metallic look.  Space wolf pack markings and honor badges will be used  but the traditional yellow left shoulder is replaced with black to acknowledge that the company has “gone to the black stone” and may not be welcomed back.  There will also be accents here and there to represent marines adding a personal touch to their equipment.  I may also incorporate parts of armor with paint from other chapters that has been left in place but not maintained.  Below are two models as an example of the color scheme.  Also pictured are two WIP Grey Hunters with Mark of the Wulfen.  More on those later.

Summer Challenge: Wulfen height

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Looking good. The left one with the Shoota Boy arms looks rather ape-like though.