Kamui’s Workbench: A Tale of Two Speeders continued

We can buff that out…

Hello all,

A few weeks back I picked up a couple of land speeders to add some mobility to my Reavers (Space Wolves.)  I got them cheap on eBay but they were in need of some repairs.  For those of you who haven’t seen them (and those of you who have a memory like mine and have forgotten,) you can see how they started here and how the repairs went here.

I’ve since finished the builds and have begun painting them.  I want to field them as Typhoons for the April Assault this weekend so I built some Typhoon Missile Launchers for them using styrene sheet.  While I’m posting WIP shots I thought I’d include a mini-tutorial for them. For the front of the launcher I started with a piece of graph paper and marked out where I wanted the missile tubes to be located:

Then I cut this piece out and taped it onto some .040 styrene sheet.  I punched out the tube openings with a 1/8 inch hole punch.  I wasn’t super careful about centering the dots on the intersections, so I used the grid to center the hole rather than the dot:

Once these were puched out I cut out the front plate and cut a second piece of styrene sheet to glue on the back of it.  The idea is that by painting these holes black we can create the illusion of a deeper tube extending into the launcher body.  After that it was pretty much a matter of building a box.  I used a piece of square styrene tube on the inside to support the sides and ensure the joins would be square (sorry I forgot to get a pic of that stage) but any method you use for building up your box should work.

When building the mounting tabs I used the same 1/8″ hole punch to create a space for my 1/8″ magnet and covered the exterior side with additional styrene sheet.  This provides a surface to glue the magnet to, and to hide it.


They’re pretty simple but they get the job done.  If I find I’m using the Typhoons a lot I may build something a bit sleeker and let my orks loot these ones.  Here’s how the speeders are looking now, partially painted and with their weapons mounted:

Land Speeder: typhoon closed 1    Land Speeder: typhoon closed 2

Land Speeder: typhoon open 1     Land Speeder: typhoon open 2

I don’t have pictures yet, but the crew for the open speeder are mostly painted.  I still need to paint the weapons for that one, and both speeders need some highlights. I’m working frantically to get my army ready for the April Assault this Saturday.   After that the Drop Pod needs some highlights and I have a couple of Wolf Guard to finish up before everything is table top ready.  Whatever time I have left after that I’ll spend doing the pack markings and other freehand work.  Here’s a picture of the army in its current state, plus the display board I’ve put together (the plates on the display board aren’t straight because they aren’t glued down yet, I’ll have to get that done too.)

That’s it for now.  After the Assault I’ll probably take some time off from painting.  Maybe I can use that time to build a lightbox so I can get nice pictures like Thor’s.

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Looking great. I really like how those launchers came out. Seeing paint on these and you’d never know what rough shape they were in when you got them.