Kamui’s Workbench: Liberated Grot Heavy and Special Weapons

Hello all,

I haven’t been spectacularly productive over the holidays but I have made some decent progress on my Grot IG allies.  I’ve done a few experiments that didn’t pan out but I’ve narrowed in on how I want to model the core allied infantry detachment so it should be steady progress for a little while to come.

2 Grot LascannonsIn my last post I showed one grot-portable lascannon and one on a tracked carriage.  I’ve constructed two more carriages to carry the other two lascannons.  One is a smaller tracked carriage and the other is a tri-wheeled design.  The tri-wheel has an operator using a marine auspex as a remote.

Tri-wheel lascannon WIPThis rear shot shows the modifications I’ve made to the controller.  He’s a Night Goblin from Warhammer Fantasy.  I added a spacer at the waist for a little extra height and concealed it with a green stuff belt.  I’ve also added the thick soled boots and shoulder pads that will be pretty standard for the army.  I like the way he came out.  When I start to expand past the core detachment I want to try the same method but with Cadian arms

First Flamer Grot WIPThis is the first flamer Grot I made.  He still needs some shoulder pads but I’ve added the base material to this one to see how well it covers the spacers I’ve added for height.  I start with some chunky bits of slate that are big enough to bury the spacer then sprinkle in some smaller material salvaged from a Brita water filter to fill the gaps.  This guy had a bar of sprue connecting his feet, for the rest I’ll use smaller pieces like I did for the lascannon above so I don’t have to pile it quite as high between their legs.

Second Flamer Grot WIPThis is the second flamer conversion I’ve started.  He still needs a fair amount of work but I like how he’s coming along.  As I said earlier in the post, I’ve worked through most of the experimental phase and will be settling into a routine.  Adding the pads and boot soles to all of the lasgun grots may be a little tedious but I think it will go quickly enough and it will be good practice with sculpting the shoulder pads.

That’s what I’ve got so far.  Let me know what you think!

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Not too shabby. I like the gunner. My only criticism about that model is the wheels on the gun carriage. Not a huge fan of cardboard as a modelling material. It lacks detail and sharp edges. Maybe paint makes it look better.


Well done! I’m liking the lascannons more and more.


I like the Elevator shoes myself!

Conversions take so much time it’s ridiculous, looking good.