Kamui’s Workbench: Raemos’ (Bjorn’s) new gun and Wolf Guard

I realized that in my rush to get my army ready for the April Assault last month I hadn’t captured many pictures as I finished things up.  As I had previously posted many WIP shots of Raemos, my counts-as Bjorn Fellhanded, I thought I should start with him.  I also have some pics of my Wolf Guard unit. I covered the build for Raemos in these articles:


Long story short, he’s a Black Reach dread.  I replaced the front piece with the gun turret from an Eldar Falcon.  The rider is a skeleton model with some green stuff work.  The claw/heavy flamer arm was converted from the Black Reach arm.  The plasma cannon is from a Sentinel with a scratch build base.

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Raemos (Bjorn) Gallery

I ran him with the plasma cannon for a while but I wanted to try out an assault cannon for him as well.  I used a standard dreadnought arm with and added some bits.  It doesn’t have quite as much strength, range or AP as the plasma cannon but an assault cannon that hits on 2 is pretty nice too.

I like the way the red works on the assault cannon arm.  I’ll probably repaint the plasma cannon arm to match.  I’m also planning to add some red to his close combat arm as I’ve done with my regular dread.  Here’s the arm from the other dread on Bjorn to show roughly what this will look like.


Wolf Guard

On another note, here is the Wolf Guard unit that I used in the April Assault.  I usually run this unit in a drop pod to get the terminators in position quickly.  I like this unit because individuals can be split off just before deployment to lead my Grey Hunters and Long Fangs.  That allows me to customize my Grey Hunters and the Wolf Guard unit to match their roles in a given mission.

The termies need a couple of highlights and some of them still need chapter markings but after that these guys are done.


So that’s if for today.  Next time I’ll have a couple of finished Grey Hunter squads and, if they’re finished, the land speeders.  Let me know what you think!

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The red on the assault cannon arm is a nice contrast. Great job on those lenses on Raemos as well.

I like how your green power weapons came out on the Wolf Guard.

Warhammer 39,999

That’s a really sharp dread. I’m particularly fond of the fact that you included the Eldar canopy, but did so in a way that it doesn’t look tacked on. It’s really integrated in, and though I instantly recognized it for what it was, it’s difficult to see the seams where it goes together. Very cool.