Kamui’s Workbench: Reavers status update

Hello all,

Some of you may recall that last summer I challenged myself to get a 2000 point Space Wolf army built to represent my DIY chapter, the Reavers, by the end of the summer.  Some of you may also remember that I failed to do so.  Well, I made some good progress, but I didn’t quite get there.  It’s now been 9 months and I thought I’d review my journey so far.

My self imposed challenge was made in June of 2011 but my journey with the Space Marines goes back to 1991 with my Rogue Trader led band of marines and guardsmen.  As we moved from Rogue Trader to the army lists found in the Compendium and Compilation I decided my marines were Space Wolves, and eventually amended that to an offshoot of the Space Wolves called the Black Wolves.  Second edition brought us a Space Wolf specific army list and it was under that codex that most of my old collection was built.  Infantry and overpowered charcters were king, and standard troops had all kinds of random weapons.  I dropped out when third was released as I was swamped with school and it didn’t seem worth the cost of the new rule books or the time to read them.  I got back into the game when 4th was released.  What was once a mighty army was now grossly disorganized and outdated, so I played Orks and Eldar through 4th, and Orks in 5th.  When I finally decided it was time to bring back the marines, this is what I had to work with:

I'm not winning any painting scores with that...

Well, that and a collection of unassembled Battle for Macragge and Black Reach models.  I re-dubbed them the Reavers, typed up a lot of the fluff that’s been bubbling through my brain during the years of neglect, and got to painting.  Over the course of the summer and fall I managed to wrangle it into this:

That gave me 1850 points of decently painted Reavers for the Standish Standoff event here in Maine.  Since then I’ve also finished my Wolf Lord and bulked out the Grey Hunters a bit so that now, I can finally field a 2000 point painted army. 

I’ve been low on modelling time in the last couple of weeks but currently on my to do list are:

2 more drop pods

Several more Grey Hunters

More Wolf Guard options, and better bases for the Terminators

5 Thunderwolf Cavalry

Each of these will be the fuel of future posts.  Most of them are also well underway so with a little luck I should be able to get something wrapped up soon.

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God, that’s night and day. I keep saying it but the army really is coming along. If you make the April Assault next month, which is 1,500pts, you’ll have a fully painted army for that too.

Spectre Senence

Cool Article Kamui! It’s impressive to see that “what I had to work with” to finished product. They look sweet!

Stealthy Stealth

I <3 the random minis in your build I really feel it adds to the character. Also the scratch built drop pods are awesome and they make me jumpy jump jump. I always dig it when people get out of the box in the hobby.  

From a strategy point thinking back to our last game. Remember that you can drop your pods empty and start your guys on the board. Using the pods as a wall between you and your opponent allowing you to move into a better tactical position. A brick of Wolfs in the center field is never easy to break apart. Unless you list tailored.