Kamui’s Workbench: Tankbusta’s WIP

Hello All,

Between the holiday and some projects around the house I haven’t been particularly productive on the hobby front.  I have managed to put some work into a mob of tankbustas.  These were the victim of a painting experiment that didn’t quite succeed, but at least I will be able to finish them up without stripping them.  I spent some time reworking a couple of the conversions that I wasn’t happy with.  The hammers and at least one of the rokkit launchers are still awaiting some green stuff.  The bob-omb squigs still need some work as well.

I’ll use one of my power klaw nobs to lead the unit, bringing it up to 8 plus bob-ombs.  This should be a good base mob size to start with, and I can add rokkit launchas as I have the time.  They’ll serve double duty in standard mobs so I’d like to eventually fill out a full unit.

Let me know what you think!

  • Tankbustas are one of my favorite underrated units. You planning on throwing them in a wagon or going on foot?

    • That will depend on how the rest of the list goes together. I have an open topped wagon that has been WIP for a few years now. I’m planning to finish it up as a transport for these or other elite units. I’ll run them on foot from time to time as well when I don’t have the heavy slot open or when I think I’ve got enough threats on foot to pull focus from them.

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