Khorne Berzerker Painting Showcase

To break up the fun of cleaning off mold lines on countless models I painted up a Khorne Berzerker. You’ll have to pardon the lack of lighting. It’s an overcast day and I didn’t feel much like setting up something to get better lighting, I’m lazy :)

So the goal with the model was to paint up something that was clean but still gritty and dark. I’m a big fan of washes and often rely on them and I made use of them on this model, which is obvious, but didn’t wash everything as I often do, I just worked it in selectively. By selectively I mean only where needed, not minimal use. I like strong shading so I washed/lined all the red to get that dark feel I wanted while keeping the blood red. All in all I’m happy with how he came out.

Berzerker Gallery

Update: While I still need to get a finished shot of the entire unit, I do also have a painting showcase for the Skull Champion.

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Khorne Berzerker Painting Showcase
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