Khorne Berzerkers: Paint in Progress #2

Progress continues on the children of the Blood God. At this stage I need to pick out the black parts, get the bare head base coated, pick out some details, do some cleanup and then get to shading and highlighting. That sounds like a lot more written out then it did in my head…

Khorne Berzerkers: PIP #2

Until I get the shading done it’s going to look very flat and bland but with the gold on there, which I’ll wash down with brown, they finally are looking like Berzerkers.

I forgot to mention the last time, those that are missing an arm have a magnetized arm and I haven’t started on them yet. Also, I didn’t build these models. These were part of a batch of stuff I got years ago when I started Chaos. I did a lot of fixing of stuff on these but I did not pull everything apart to repose. The Blood God cares not how silly your pose is, only that you spill blood.

I nearly forgot how much of a chore painting so much red and gold is. As mentioned the last time, the red is four layers to get to what you see and the gold takes two layers. I will definitely do Berzerkers a different way next time but I started the unit this way years ago so I’m stuck with this method for this unit. At least the harder parts are done now.

I will be happy to wrap this unit up for sure.

Anyone painting anything exciting right now, or paint something cool lately?

  • Warren Falconer

    I am currently working on two entries for the bronze spawn assuming it happens. 3 day weekend coming us so maybe I can post something about it. Hopefully anyway. Strakken and nurgle fantasy lord are in progress right now but still have a long way to go. I have a knight titan queued up as well which should be fun.

    I am hoping to make it out for the sept 20th tourny to throw some dice with you guys.I hope the standoff happens this year regardless of its size.

    • You should get some shots up on the blog. I’d love to see how those are coming along.

      Standoff is planned and so far we know it’s going to be 1,650. More details should be coming very soon.

      I should be making the Sept. tournament. I missed this month’s and last month’s didn’t happen so I’m in a dry spell for tourneys lately.

      • Warren Falconer

        I honestly don’t mind if its a tournament I just want to get in a few games that day. I will see what I can do as far as getting some in progress stuff up very soon I want to contribute but finding time between work and kids and domestic chores is more difficult than I would like it to be.

  • “The Blood God cares not how silly your pose is, only that you spill blood.” Hah! They look like they’re doing the killy dance…

    At least they’re starting to look like something. This is about the stage where I actually start to enjoy painting the model. It’s the prep and first couple of colors that I find to be a bit of a chore.

    • Berzerkers are a unit that can look really silly if not posed well. It’s an odd mix of dynamic parts, like running legs, and really static bits. They could really benefit from a new kit.

      Agreed. Getting that red on there and the gold was just grueling; it’s the “work” part of the process. Now that I’m picking out details and stuff it’s much more fun.

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