Khorne Berzerkers: PIP #1

Thor’s Workbench: Khorne Berzerkers (PIP #1)

Khorne Berzerkers: PIP #1My lists lately have encorporatd my Khorne Berzerkers so I wanted to get the unit painted. This is yet another unit I began painting a long time ago and stopped. When you could no longer assault out of a Rhino I put these guys on the shelf for a while. However, with the introduction of Objective Secured in 7th I have found these guys to be a reasonable unit. It’s a scary (relatively speaking), fearless unit that you can’t ignore when it’s running at you.

Anyway, so far I have the red base coat done. If I do another Berzerker unit I will not be doing them so bright; it’s a bit of a chore to get them this red. I base coated them in Khorne Red and then put on three layers of Evil Sunz Scarlet. I just hope when I start picking out details I don’t slip too much and hit that red.

What’s your least favorite color to paint? For me it has to be yellow, which is why you barely see any of it on my models ;)

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white….it used to be red and yellow but gw foundations and airbrushes have made both easier, white sucks just due to the fact if you screw up good luck, though the GW foundation paints have made that a bit easier


Kind of ironic that one of the best things a unit like Berserkers does is…hold objectives. Fearless Troops are worth their weight in gold.


Those are quite red! They’re a bit loud now but I know that adding the rest of the colors and shading will tone it down to a good color. The test model in your other post shows that well.

Yellow used to be my least favorite as well but Iyandan Darksun has fixed that for me. I only hope that when I run out of that I have as much luck with the current yellow base color(s). Now my least favorite is white. It’s not bad on small parts but I have trouble getting it to look the way I want on larger surfaces.