Khorne Daemonkin: About Damn Time

The rumors of god centric codices for Chaos have been a long time in the making. The first whispers of them were over a year ago, that I recall anyway. The whispers died off for a while and I gave up hope, as I’m sure did many other followers of Chaos. Then out of nowhere Games Workshop pulls the covers off the first such codex, Khorne Daemonkin.

Khorne DaemonkinI can’t express how excited I am for this. First of all, Chaos currently has the worst battle brother thing going on in 40K. They are the only battle brothers that can’t attach HQs to one another.

“Sup, bro? Woah, woah, woah! What are you doing? No! There’s no fraternizing between us Chaos Marines and you Daemons! The hell you thinking, fool? I mean, shit. You can join my flesh and become one with me but we can’t hang out. Sorry, man.”

Seriously the worst battle brother pairing. Marines literally give over their body to Daemons but they can’t intermingle otherwise. Makes sense.

Secondly, for the reasons mentioned above, if there were ever two armies that made perfect sense combined into one it would be Chaos Marines and Daemons. They coexist like no other two armies so it’s good to see something fluffy make print. Of course, they once were in one codex before…

Blood for the Blood GodI’ve seen the rumors and supposed leaks and I take them with a grain of salt. That being said, the idea of a blood tithe is great. It’s fluffy and since Khorne and psykers aren’t friends, it gives them the type of benefits you would see with a psyker in your list without there actually being one. I prefer to play my Khorne lists fluffy and don’t use psykers – in fact I rarely use them period – so this type of rule I’m behind.

I have no real direction for this topic other than to express my sheer enjoyment over getting this codex. Khorne is my favorite god. The fact it’s the first up is perfect for me. I’ve been allying in my Khorne Daemons lately, prior to hearing this, so it will be awesome to create a single force out of what I have. Allies are neat, and I have nothing against them (when not abused), but I just prefer a singular force.

Any other Chaos fans excited and picking this up next week?

  • Amen, brother. I have been biting my tongue about the supposed leaks/rumors coming out of the codex itself so far and instead just reveling in the shear awesomeness that is a Khorne freaking codex. :) Must. Get. Codex. In. Hands.

    • I can’t wait to see how it changes the dynamic. So many opportunities.

      • khorneinquisitor

        It will be awesome to have a close combat army become ascendant again!

        • Here’s hoping!

          • khorneinquisitor

            If you manage to avoid the cheese, a mono-khorne army is already brutal to handle. Yeah, you kill stuff quick, but with Banners of blood that 24″ gap becomes very small, very fast. I truly hope that they make a new daemon codex eventually and nerf the hell out of daemon summoning ability (ie- no more psykers out of HQ slots, just shooting). Enough people have rabbled about the anemic khorne units that hopefully we will see T4 become the standard again. They seem to be redoing some of the other poorly done codex (see: Codices authored by Matt Ward) to bring them all online with each other.

            • A new CSM and Daemon codex would be very welcomed. Daemonkin is going to be great, don’t get me wrong, but it will just be a shell of potential until the new Chaos codices are out.

    • The leaks I’ve seen, those with pictures of the codex, look great. This thing is fluffy and going to be a blast to play.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Oh hells yah! I am not normally one for collectibles, but I ordered one of the limited edition codices. My craft is epitomized by this book! Need some bezerkers and then I will be good to go and will have all the options. Built my new thirster with Axe and Whip, but I will use him as the one with the big axe because I just need a damn Strength D weapon in my army.

        • Jealous. I wish I had the cash for the new Thirster. That thing is just awesome all around.

          I did pick up some of the Skullcrushers of Khorne (, that I’m going to use as Heralds on Juggernauts. That helps round out my HQ choices and puts me in pretty good shape. Still need some more Daemons overall but better off than I used to be with them.

          • khorneinquisitor

            Yeah. I got some of those guys but they have never been built because I never use more than five. That said, super stoked that multiples of eight are unit sizes now grin the rumors. I actually use the theater as a daemon prince and will continue to do so. I will be posting two blogs this week since I missed a week due to training, one with hobby and army updates and the other with my thoughts on the new book. Overall it is exciting. Also started getting the Skaven cultists/rebels ready and they are about ready to start airbrushing.

            • Theater? Thister as Daemon Prince? What are you trying to say?

              Looking forward to seeing some airbrush work and that long neglected army move forward.

              • khorneinquisitor

                Yes, I meant thirster. Was responding from my phone.

                Yeah, my skaven got shelved for quite a long while, but with the arrival of IA 13 I experienced a reinvigoration for them and this adds to it. However, they are being all reprinted so they match. They are going to be cloaked in fabric of various shades of the red spectrum (red, yellow, orange) with brass armor, or bronze. I am abandoning using skaven vehicles, instead going with regular vehicles for my rebel army. More to follow on that stuff.

                Misses playing with you guys up there.

                • I really need to dig into IA 13. I just haven’t had the time to go through it.

                  The 40K scene is slowly climbing back. We got a handful of new guys, some new to the game, some new to the shop. Definitely not like it used to be though when we had all the routine regulars like yourself, Steve M, Luke, Dembowski, etc.

  • khorneinquisitor

    I am super excited! Problem is this: No one played Khorne armies to the hilt it seemed until they get a special codex. It will be ugly when a Tzeentch one comes out. Oh buddy, imagine the summoning cheese!

    • No pissing on the Khorne parade! We can only hope GW recognizes the potential for abuse that exists with each god.

      With 6th and 7th being all about shooting, it’s not surprising people passed by an assault army. So many prefer to play what works in the meta instead of what they’d prefer to play.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Booooo to those people. Either way, I am hyper excited to mix my red and black CSM with my red and blue daemons! It will be awesome to have Khorne ascendant. I already have a bloodthirster mostly painted and my two forgeworld thirsters (the GW thirster is the DP of Khorne) plus all my other Khornate forces. My biggest challenge will be picking which things to include!

        • I’m really curious what all is permitted from CSM. Daemons it’s easy to determine but CSM could be very open or very restrictive.

      • khorneinquisitor

        “We can only hope GW recognizes the potential for abuse that exists with each god.”

        BAH HA HA HA HA HA….literally laughed out loud at this. WIth current rule set we will see something like DP’s in Heavy slots, LoC and Sorcerers in HQ, Thousand sons MSU and Horrors in troops…yeah. Imagine the horror/ cheese of THAT army. Or a terminator lord of tzeentch in a squishy horror blob to give them a 2+ armor. SUPER fun. :P

        • Tzeentch is hands down the most abuse-able god right now. It’s almost like they didn’t even think about Tzeentch when they created the new psychic phase and created summoning.

    • Man, you see the “leaked” rules so far? What units are in, points and stat lines included (it’s a full-on codex), wargear…I’m fucking excited and impressed.

  • Warren Falconer

    I’m excited to see it but sad the berzerker kit didn’t get any love that thing needs a remake bad

    • It’s early yet. From a business perspective I can see them not doing it. It’s already plastic and there are still so many metal/finecast kits that need to be done in plastic. Of course, as a player I want a new kit as well.

  • Sin Synn

    Well it’s a start, that’s for sure.
    Considering Chaos is such a huge thing in 40k fluff-wise, it’s kinda disheartening to see how the game treats Chaos overall, as a faction and game mechanic.
    It’s like, ‘Meh. Chaos is scary but nuthin’ to really worry about. They always lose cuz they turn against each other at the end.’

    Hopefully this is the beginning of something cool.

    • Very true. When the last Chaos codex came out they even pulled back the timeline a bit on the 13th Black Crusade. Instead of Abaddon having taken Cadia, he’s now not even there yet. What little they give Chaos they tend to take away.

      I guess it’s all or nothing. Look at WHFB and the End Times. Chaos won, world destroyed, moving on. Now, if they can just meet in the middle of complete annihilation and the little they allow in 40K and they’d have it right.

  • So Chaos gets a new Codex and the vigilant protectors of the Imperium, the Adepta Sororitas are still without any relief. You can’t help but feel a little rejected.
    (I’ll probably still be down at the local GW tomorrow morning to get it).

    • Ah, the poor Sisters. Considering what GW is doing lately, pumping out codex after codex, I have hope for Sisters players that one will eventually come down the pipeline; a proper codex.

      • Yeah. I kind of hope that they don’t. What will I have to complain about then?

        • hah! There’s always something to bitch about. Fear not!

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