Khorne Daemonkin

Khorne Daemonkin: About Damn Time

The rumors of god centric codices for Chaos have been a long time in the making. The first whispers of them were over a year ago, that I recall anyway. The whispers died off for a while and I gave up hope, as I’m sure did many other followers of Chaos. Then out of nowhere Games Workshop pulls the covers off the first such codex, Khorne Daemonkin.

Khorne DaemonkinI can’t express how excited I am for this. First of all, Chaos currently has the worst battle brother thing going on in 40K. They are the only battle brothers that can’t attach HQs to one another.

“Sup, bro? Woah, woah, woah! What are you doing? No! There’s no fraternizing between us Chaos Marines and you Daemons! The hell you thinking, fool? I mean, shit. You can join my flesh and become one with me but we can’t hang out. Sorry, man.”

Seriously the worst battle brother pairing. Marines literally give over their body to Daemons but they can’t intermingle otherwise. Makes sense.

Secondly, for the reasons mentioned above, if there were ever two armies that made perfect sense combined into one it would be Chaos Marines and Daemons. They coexist like no other two armies so it’s good to see something fluffy make print. Of course, they once were in one codex before…

Blood for the Blood GodI’ve seen the rumors and supposed leaks and I take them with a grain of salt. That being said, the idea of a blood tithe is great. It’s fluffy and since Khorne and psykers aren’t friends, it gives them the type of benefits you would see with a psyker in your list without there actually being one. I prefer to play my Khorne lists fluffy and don’t use psykers – in fact I rarely use them period – so this type of rule I’m behind.

I have no real direction for this topic other than to express my sheer enjoyment over getting this codex. Khorne is my favorite god. The fact it’s the first up is perfect for me. I’ve been allying in my Khorne Daemons lately, prior to hearing this, so it will be awesome to create a single force out of what I have. Allies are neat, and I have nothing against them (when not abused), but I just prefer a singular force.

Any other Chaos fans excited and picking this up next week?

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Khorne Daemonkin: About Damn Time
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