Khorne Daemonkin First Impressions

KhorneI got my hands on the codex Friday and have sat down with it a bit and worked out a list that I will be playing later today. There are so many options that I’m opting to just experiment and learn instead of hammering out a big nasty list. Plus, I need some more models for some of the cooler formations and such.

Khorne Units

I’m really pleased with this codex. One thing I wasn’t sure about was how they were going to handle unit entries. They are copied and pasted in (in terms of stats and cost), from their original sources. The Chaos Space Marines units all have Mark of Khorne built into them and in turn their cost. So, one for one these are the exact same units we’ve known.

Blood for the Blood God

Before I get into rules, I want to say I like the feel of this codex. Units start at 8 strong, the sacred number, and you can buy them up to their normal max size. Despite units being the same as from their source codices, with the variations in rules, like no Daemonic Instability for Daemons – it’s replaced with Fearless, and wargear differences, it is distinctly its own codex. This book stands on its own and I’m glad to see it.

Khorne Rules & Blood Host Detachment

BloodthirsterThe rules, the meat and potatoes of every codex. As always, I’ll let those who enjoy it more break down every single thing and tell you what’s worth the points and what’s not. I’m more interested in having fun with the codex, not winning a national tournament.

Something very interesting that took me a few to understand was the Blood Host Detachment. The way it works is instead of a force organization or anything, the detachment is created entirely from formations. You are required to take certain types of formations and they are broken down into Core, Auxiliary and Command. So, you need at least one Core choice and must then include between 1-8 Auxiliary choices and may have one Command choice. The beauty is that despite being formations, they form a single detachment and thus all benefit from the detachment rules. Those rules are Blood Frenzy, where you generate one Blood Tithe point a turn and Chosen of Khorne, the typical re-roll Warlord Trait.

I love the idea of the Blood Host Detachment. It’s a bit like an organized Unbound list. I would use it except right now I lack the units for any of the formations. I need a second unit for some and other units I just don’t own yet.

Khorne Wargear & Artefacts

BerzerkersI’ll chat about wargear briefly. The items are pretty much the same as from Daemons and CSM, no big surprises here. A nice addition is the Axe of Khorne can be bought by CSM – not all but some. It’s pricey but it’s there. The artefacts have been pasted all over, no need for detailed coverage here. I will say they are all useful. They are priced accordingly as well. I’m always a fan of the cheaper items when done well, and they are.

For 15pts you can get The Brazen Rune. It gives Adamantium Will and once per-game in your opponent’s psychic phase you can activate it. When activated any psyker in 24″ of the rune suffers perils on any double. After the phase the owner loses the Adamantium Will rule. So, it’s useless if there are no psykers but at only 15pts it’s not a huge deal.

The other 15pt artefact I like is The Skull-helm of Khorne. Every 6 to hit generates another attack.

All in all, the artefacts are priced reasonably and are very full of flavor.

Wrapping it Up

Cinnamon Approved
This codex is approved by Cinnamon, my ferocious cat.

The big thing with this codex is really the Blood Tithe and the formations. All the formations are good. Some require the use of less than great units, like Possessed or Bloodcrushers – both units I want to love but I feel fall short, but still worth it for the formation.

I think this is a great solid codex. It’s not Khorne from Chaos Daemons or from Chaos Space Marines but its own legitimate codex with its own strengths and weaknesses. I’m excited to get in a game later today and start wrapping my head around my approach to this codex.

I could go on and on about this codex but detailed analysis was never my thing. However, what are my fellow Khorne Daemonkin thinking so far?

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Khorne Daemonkin First Impressions
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