Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Hands – Battle Report

I played my 4th game with Khorne Daemonkin last night against Iron Hands in a 1,500 game. I changed things up a bit with my list from previous ones. Nothing earth shattering but still experimenting.

Khorne Daemonkin – 1,500


  • Soulgore: Chaos Lord – Melta Bombs, Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut of Khorne, Power Fist, Axe of Khorne, The Skull-helm of Khorne


  • Gorgons: Terminators (5) -Combi-melta, ReaperAutocannon
    • Terminator Champion


  • Rampage: Berzerkers (10) – Plasma Pistol x 2, Icon of Wrath
    • Skull Champion – Melta Bombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Bloodletters (14) – Banner of Blood
    • Bloodreaper

Fast Attack

  • Flesh Hounds (8)
  • The Unbound: Spawn (5)

Heavy Support

  • Forgefiend – Hades Autocannon
  • Deathcry: Helbrute – Twin-linked Lascannon, Power Fist


We rolled up Cloak and Shadows for a Maelstrom mission and I got first turn. Our setup looked like this.

My game plan was to send the Hounds with Soulgore around the right flank while Spawn and Bloodletters came up the left flank. The Forgefiend and Helbrute would remain central for fire support while the Berzerkers charged up the center.

The Game

As is expected with Khorne, I advanced. My Forgefiend unloaded into the Knight and got a single glance. My Hounds and Soulgore made their charge into 5 Scouts hanging in a ruin on my right flank and destroyed them. Carl’s Drop Pod came in with his Ironclad at the board center and whiffed shooting my Rhino with it’s meltagun. The Knight moved to intercept my Spawn. Carl’s Centurions unloaded into my Berzerkers and wiped out half of them. The Knight then charged my Spawn and destroyed all 5.

Hey you guys!
Hey you guys!

My Terminators arrived and I deep struck them in his back line. The Bloodletters advanced a bit towards the Knight, playing the role of bait to keep the Knight away from the board center. I also advanced my Berzerkers near the Ironclad but on the other side of ruins to also play bait. I didn’t want that thing supporting his Centurions that I planned to get into next turn. My little shooting was ineffective but the Hounds and Soulgore charged and empty Land Speeder Storm and destroyed it.

Round the corner we go.
Round the corner we go.

Carl’s Predators lined up my Terminators with their lascannons and killed 3 of the 5 off. The Knight shot its Thermal Cannon at my Forgefiend but only glanced it. It then charged into Bloodletters, killing all but one. My Forgefiend fired on his Ironclad and took a hull point. My Berzerker fired his plasma pistol at the Ironclad and got another. Then my Helbrute took the last hull point with its lascannon. Khorne killed something with shooting! My Terminators charged 5 Scouts but only killed one. Soulgore and the Hounds got into the Centurions and only did 2 wounds and he did 2 wounds in return. CenturionsI had Carl pretty well locked up in combats but my Helbrute went down to shooting, think the Predators. The Centurions ran from losing combat and the Knight broke free after killing off my last Bloodletter. On my turn I summoned more Bloodletters to try and get an objective. My Berzerkers charged and destroyed the Drop Pod preventing me from getting said objective and the Hounds and Soulgore charged the Centurions again, this time destroying them. The Terminators won combat and the Scouts fled. We were both hurting at this point. To summarize the rest, the Knight got into my Hounds and Lord and it killed all but Soulgore. Soulgore put a few hull points on the Knight. Eventually the Knight got Soulgore, after a valiant effort on Soulgore’s part.

The game ended on turn #5 and all I had left was 2 Berzerkers, a summoned Daemon Prince – the Terminator Champion ascended, and I think the Forgefiend. He still had his Knight and 2 Scouts. The final score was 12-6 using a scoring system we’re experimenting with for tournament play.


Another fun game with Khorne Daemonkin. Every game I’ve played, win or lose, I have very little left at the end regardless of margin of victory. My opponent’s are always short on bodies at the end too, so it works out and Khorne is pleased. I don’t know why but my Terminators generally perform well under Khorne Daemonkin. I’m not doing anything different with them but it seems Khorne favors them so I’ll keep sticking them in lists. The Forgefiend and Helbrute for some ranged shooting has worked out well enough the last few games so I can see continuing on with that as well. I liked the setup on my Lord with the Axe of Khorne and the Power Fist. It’s pricey but well worth it on a character whose purpose is to kill stuff in close combat. The Skull-helm is great and priced affordably and lets him do what he’s intended for. When he’s already expensive it helps keep him from being too bloated on points as well. I’m looking to try sticking a Herald in with my Berzerkers next time to get the loci in there for hatred. It will also give me another power weapon which is never a bad thing. What configurations are you all running on your Lords under Khorne Daemonkin?

  • Another good write up leaving my looking to the future for Tzeentch Daemonkin (fingers crossed).

    Do you find a lack of troop options leaves you down on options?

    • Thanks.

      I don’t feel they’re lacking on troops at all. You have Bloodletters, Berzerkers, Chaos Space Marines and Cultists. The normal CSM dex only has Marines and Cultists, barring a marked HQ to unlock others. Now, they are lacking in other areas but it’s expected with a mono-god codex. Still, despite having less options overall in the codex compared to codices, it doesn’t feel flat or lacking.

  • That king-of-the-hill pic of the Knight is awesome. Just saying. Nice report!

    • Yeah, I love that the eyes are really the only thing that stands out on the upper torso.


  • Enjoying these writeup Thors. Do does khorne daemonkind get blood points for killing enemy units? If not, they should!

    • Of course they do! That’s why I’ve never understood the people who say that, “You hope your own units die.” Sure, my stuff dies and I get a point but I’d rather kill your stuff to get points.

      Between the two methods you can wrack up the points pretty quick. I usually summon 2 units a game, one being a Prince, and have a turn or two of Feel No Pain.

      • Whats that sound?? Ya that was greg putting some blood letters in a cart…

        • And some Berzerkers, Daemon Princes…

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