Khorne Daemonkin vs White Scars

As I mentioned the other day, it was time to break out of my habit of just running a combined arms detachment and to try the Blood Host detachment for Khorne Daemonkin. That’s just what I did last night against Kenny and his White Scars. The list I brought was this.

Khorne Daemonkin – 1,500pts


  • Soulgore: Chaos Lord – Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut of Khorne, Melta Bombs, Power Fist, Lightning Claw
  • Possessed (9)
    • Possessed Champion
  • Rampage: Berzerkers (10) – Icon of Wrath, Plasma Pistol x 2
    • Skull Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
  • Vengeance: Chaos Space Marines (10) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino
  • Redemption: Chaos Space Marines (10) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword
    • Rhino

War Engine

  • Soulgrinder – Harvester Cannon, Iron Claw, Warp Gaze
  • Maulerfiend – Power Fists x 2, Lasher Tendrils


So, heavy on the Slaughtercult to maximize the benefit of getting two cards from the Blood Tithe. My plan was to summon mostly and then use the secondary card for Feel No Pain, or whatever benefit I felt I needed that turn.

The Game

We rolled up the Spoils of War Maelstrom mission. It’s the one where you can steal each others cards for objectives. Kenny won the roll to setup first and setup spread out across his deployment zone. I then setup heavy on the left flank to minimize his Predators’ ability to see my armor.

The White Scars advanced up and his Chapter Master’s orbital bombardment immobilized a Rhino and took out two Bezerkers. His Predators unloaded on the other Rhino and wrecked it. I lost a few Possessed to a Bike Squad on my left. First blood to Kenny and he also got an objective: 2-0.

The Chaos Marines in the immobilized Rhino jumped out and everything moved forward as a mass. Both CSM Squads rapid fired into a 5-man Biker Squad, aided by the Soulgrinder, and killed all but the Chapter Master. My Maulerfiend charged into another 5-man Bike Squad and killed one and took a glance in return from krak grenades.

Kenny’s Terminators advanced slowly towards my blob, still a ways out. The Bikes all maneuvered around but stayed close. I lost a few CSM to shooting from them. My Soulgrinder went down to a Predator. Kenny’s Chapter Master, for some reason, charged into my Maulerfiend. The Maulerfiend whiffed in close combat and took another hull point from a glance. I believe Kenny got a point for something: 3-0.

I was able to summon 8 Bloodletters this turn and dumped them just forward of my power armor blob. I also took Feel No Pain. My Berzerkers fired into a Bike Squad and charged in. I had won combat but the Bikes stuck. My Chaos Lord, Soulgore, with his Possessed charged into a Bike Squad on my left and Soulgore slashed them all down with his lightning claw. I tried to charge a CSM Squad into the Bikes fighting the Maulerfiend but rolled horribly. The Maulerfiend killed off another and stayed alive. I was able to get 3pts this turn for objectives: 3-3.


From here things got all Khorney and it was close combat time. Kenny had charged her Terminators into the Bloodletters to nullify their AP3 and the Bloodletters took a pounding. I put my other CSM Squad into the Bikes fighting Berzerkers to shift that in my favor. I also put the other CSM Squad into the Terminators to bury them under attacks. The Lord and Possessed bailed out the Maulerfiend, killing the Bikes, but the Chapter Master hit and ran out of there.

Once the close combats concluded I had a numerical advantage and Kenny was left with two Predators and two Bikes. I had eventually caught the Chapter Master with Soulgore and killed him. That turn I netted 8pts to give me a 2pt lead. Kenny took two more points the following turn for destroying a vehicle and something else to tie it up but I had the bottom of the turn. I can’t remember for what now but I got 2pts that turn to put me up and the game ended. I snagged line-breaker and won 15-12.


It was a damn close and fun game. The Blood Host detachment and Slaughtercult formation worked really well for me. Like I thought, I was able to summon by that second turn. I later also summoned three Bloodcrushers on turn #4. For most of the game I had Feel No Pain going and that much power armor with FNP is a tough nut to crack.

The big thing I focused on in this game was keeping myself together and not getting spread out. I lacked mobility and the White Scars have plenty of it. I knew if I spread out that he would just take me apart a squad at a time. Sticking together forced him to try to tackle the blob head-on where I could support any one of my units. He was aggressive with his Bikes, almost every one having melta, and he just got too close too quick.

I was very pleased with how the list as a whole worked out too. It’s slow but has 40 power armored Marines in it. Each squad also has a power weapon, not typically something I do but seems fitting for a KDK list. My summoned units this game basically played the role of pulling heat off my Marines, which is fine by me as they cost me nothing to field.

I’ll give the list a few more games to evaluate where I want to go next and what other things I want to try out. I did pick up a box of Bikes last night so I can run the Gorepack formation at some point. The Gorepack formation is 2 x Bike Squads and 1 x Flesh Hounds. The Bikes get shred on their Hammer of Wrath, Hounds get Hammer of Wrath and the formation gets Move Through Cover and Preferred Enemy (Psykers).

  • Glad it was a fun game. I find the closer ones generally are. Did you find the possessed were worth the points in this game?

    Really like the pictures, fully painted armies* and terrain just make the game more fun.

    *Okay there was some orks hiding in there but they were painted!

    • Hard to judge on the Possessed. Both combats they got into were won by the Lord before they could swing. They did hold up well though when fired on.

      Dem Orks iz sneaky!

      • Just can’t trust Orks. I blame Greggles, I bet he sent them as spies.

  • Finally won one! Grats Thor! I was worried for a bit after reading the shots on turn 1! Glad making use of your books formations/detachments finally synergized with you!

    • After months of losses I didn’t know what to do with myself!

      The opening could have been so much worse. I had all my Berzerkers and Possessed behind those Rhinos. I thought he was going to bombard them but instead he went for the Rhinos. Not a terrible idea as it slowed down my foot troops but he was so aggressive that it didn’t matter. Had he pounded my assault units though I would have been in a tough spot.

      Yeah, go figure that playing the game with the trends, instead of being behind them, has value ;)

  • Congrats on the win! Great-looking Game, too, some very nice Models on both sides.

    • Thanks!

      It’s so much more enjoyable to have two fully painted armies playing for sure.

  • ming2005

    See! You can do it! Blood for the Blood God! It was awesome that you could run right up into the middle as a pack – it gave you the best options, and Kenny did not do himself any favors by getting close to you! Losing the Rhinos turn 1 was the best thing to happen to you. If you’d gone first and headed toward the center in them, he’d have popped the Rhinos, then charged the survivors.

    • Thanks.

      I figured he would have spent a few turns just whittling me down. Use the Bikes to thin infantry and the Predators to gun down my walkers. Letting me get a charge off on turn #2 wasn’t in his favor.

      • Yeah he could have used his speed to avoid you but I think he might have played for some fun as well. Bravo.

  • Castigator

    Great battle report Thor and well done on the victory.
    I understand your dilemma about wanting to use the CSM Codex but struggling to get anywhere with them. We all know it’s a tired Codex and could really do with an update.
    I’m having some success with them by adding in IA13 units like the Fire Raptor, Rapier Weapons Battery and Sicaran Battle Tank. They do add some much needed punch and add a bit of longevity to a Codex that is a little long in the tooth. Daemon allies are also useful, and like they did in your battle report, are great distraction units that alleviates the pressure and allows the humble Chaos Space Marine to achieve some success.

    That said, I have a couple of mates that run KDK and I can’t help but get a little green eyed when I watch how well the synergy of the army is compared to the CSM dex. Your army appears to have a strong Khorne theme to it anyway, so if I was in your position, I’d be running KDK on a regular basis.
    Anywho, that’s enough rambling from me, congrats on the victory and keep the battle reports coming my friend :D

    • I took a break from KDK because I wasn’t having much luck. The problem was really me trying to play KDK like CSM instead of how it should be played. The synergy with KDK is really in the formations and the detachment. Playing them CAD can work but it’s not easy, as I learned the hard way. I think once we get a new CSM codex we’ll see some life with the formations and CSM detachment.


      • The main purpose of a CAD in KDK is to be able to take Helldrakes without having to take Raptors and Warp Talons. Having some cheap ObSec Culties to hide in Reserves and come in later on to hold backfield Objectives can be handy too.

        • Yeah, the Heldrake not having a cheap way to be fielded in the detachment kind of sucks. I haven’t written off the CAD, I just need some more units to make it more viable.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    something I’ve learnt about KDK is that it really rewards multiple small units. If you made those Zerkers, possessed and CSM into units of 5 you would have loads more potential blood tithe points, more champs to die or win challenges, more units to get destroyed etc. You can always keep the units together, 2×5 Zerkers charging a unit is more likely to get at least one charge in.

    Plus if someone shoots a big gun at a unit of 10 they may wipe it out, if they shoot at a unit of 5 they will do the same, but there is another unit of 5 that they don’t have a gun to target that survives, maybe to reach their lines. Any overkill is wasted.

    Personally I think the secret is really fast units, Juggerlords with spawn, hounds, bikes etc, backed up with deep striking Oblits in another CSM CAD (with Kharn?), minimum units of Terminators, Daemons or maybe a Mayhem Pack for a laugh.

    • I have been trying out an MSU style with them, though not this list obviously. I find it’s a bit tricky to pull off well and really depends on your opponent. No arguing the blood points but at the same time some opponents can deal with an MSU army really well. You don’t even have to fully destroy a 5-man, just take out 2-3 of them and you can render the unit pretty useless. If you’re getting a ton of blood points but have little to nothing left for it to matter then it’s a moot point.

      I’m leaning away from allying in CSM. The reason being it waters down the Blood Tithe a bit, those units aren’t generating points. Also, my army is one paint scheme. If they’re being used as CSM or KDK then it’s the same models. I don’t want to confuse my opponent and say units that look identical belong to different codices.

      • One thing to keep in mind with Allies is that BftBG works as long as there’s at least one Model in the Unit with that Rule. So if you stick a DK IC in a CSM Unit, or vice-versa, their kills will generate Blood Tithe. That can actually make Allying in some Havocs or something and Joining a Herald to them worthwhile, or getting a CSM AxeLord with some DK Hounds or Spawn, work.

        • That’s a good point. Food for thought.

  • stats

    I’m not a player -so I cannot comment the battle- but your army is very cool, compliments!

    • Thank you! Been working on this army forever.

  • Awesome! Congrats on the victory.

    • Thanks. It was just an all-around good game win or lose.

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