KickStarter Live: Tarnish

tarnish image-smallerI hope you guys don’t mind a little self-promotion, because… At long last, I have launched my Tarnish Kickstarter!

Tarnish is a fantasy novel about a 16 year old, small-town kid who ventures out into the greater world to save his hometown and become a hero like his father.  There’s sword play, swamp monsters, a gang of thieves, some romance and betrayal, and lots of fun!

Kickstarter (for those who don’t know) is a website dedicated to helping artists, writers, film makers, musicians and more get their creative projects funded and off the ground.  I’m specifically hoping to hire a professional editor and fantasy painter for the cover, as well as get some printing and marketing done.  In return, I’ve set up some rewards that donors will receive once the book is finished.  You (or they) can contribute as little as a dollar (cuz every dollar counts) or as much as that little angel on your shoulder will allow!

To go to my Tarnish Kickstarter page, click here:

To read the first chapter of the novel you can click this link to my writer’s webpage:

To learn more about Kickstarter itself, click here:

I was going to try and describe what Kickstarter is all about but they obviously do a better job than I do.  Please check them out, check out my K.S. project Tarnish, and most importantly, spread the word!  If you enjoy fantasy epics, underdog stories, or just want to be a part of the novel’s future (and mine), just check out the site.  And whether you wish to donate or not, please pass this along via email, Facebook, chatting at the hair salon, to the your coworkers, shipmates, fellow patrons in the bar, wherever!  The more people we can reach and make aware, the more who may wish to join us in bringing this novel to life!

THANK YOU for your time, consideration, and/or generosity.

J. D. Brink


  • I applaud you for writing a book. I love writing but when it comes to anything of length I just stall out.

    I’ll gladly toss what I can your way and best of luck with it.

  • Jeremy Brink

    Thanks, Thor! This book has actually been a LONG time coming and I’m glad to finally have it to this point. I’ve got about 20 more in mind but at this rate I’ll be 2,000 years old by the time I get them all written.
    I also have a Space Wolf story that I’m not expecting Black Library to get back to me about, so I might do a serial blogging of that (if you don’t mind).

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