Librarium: Disciples of Twilight

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeAfter lots of thought on the fluff for my Chaos army, Disciples of Twilight, a friend of mine mentioned something to me the other day and everything clicked. I’ve struggled with their fluff and for me fluff is what helps keep the army interesting. Now I have a direction and a lot of ideas.

I’ve created a page in the Librarium for Disciples of Twilight. The Librarium is where I put things like that, army fluff and stories, things I don’t want to disappear in the stream of articles. You’ll notice the link to it in the top navigation bar. The page for Disciples of Twilight is very much a work in progress and at this stage I’m just laying down ideas so if you find it interesting then check back for updates to it.

  • Brian Berman

    So what did he mention?

    • I was tossing around ideas that were pretty typical of renegades and he mentioned doing something more personal involving my loyalists, Fate’s Angels. That sparked the idea of using the existing fluff I’ve done for them to blend into my Chaos fluff.

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