A Shield is a group, typically males of various ages, who protect their city from the dangerous creatures that roam the swamps around the city. Shields are not a military branch and are not officially sanctioned, though they are heavily relied upon.

When the defenses of the planet’s cities were not proving to be enough to ensure the safety of those within, a lose band of people gathered up their arms, be it sword, spear, lasgun, whatever they could find, and set off into the swamps. The walls and guns upon them could not handle the amount creatures that they found facing them, so this group of ventured into the wild to confront the creatures where they dwelt, to remove the threat before it could reach the city.

Not a lot is known about the Shields of the planet. Those who seek to join their local Shield will gather survival tools and gear and leave the city in search of it. Usually the most anyone will see of the Shield members is once every few months a few will come back into the city for supplies. They never linger once inside the city, not even to see their own families.

Some believe it’s this single-mindedness that allows them to keep the danger at bay, while others fear they may be losing touch with civilization and society as a whole, potentially also their minds. In either case, there’s no arguing the effectiveness of these brave men. Rare is the day when a city’s wall defenses are put into use.

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