Life, Why Must You Interfere With 40K?

As the lack of articles has surely indicated, I’ve been busy. Work is non-stop and life outside of work has been full of various activities and events. My brain has become fried and ideas for articles are fleeting or non-existent. I’d hate to put up half-assed articles as filler until such a time as some idea strikes me, so for now things will remain quiet.

  • Man, don’t I know it… bronchitis for over a month and my second job that’s usually quiet just blew up.. my Halloween project is sooo delayed.

    • Bronchitis for a month? Damn. Guess your Halloween project is now a Christmas project, eh?

      • well, sickness, coughing, finally got around to going to the doctor (which in Canada is free, but meant I had to wait like an extra week to get in) and yeah, bronchitis.
        And seeing my Halloween project involves a pumpkin golem in a spooky setting with decapitated glowing heads carved into pumpkin faces, it makes for an unfestive Christmas project, heh.

        • Well, it worked for The Nightmare Before Christmas :)

          • hehe, true – which is awesome in 3D if it ever comes your way.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll second Thor’s sentiment. I know he was hoping I could pick up some of his slack during the glut at work but I’ve been similarly swamped. My ‘9-5’ job is really more of a 6-5 job most days and lately there’s been a lot of need to stretch that. Last Wednesday I was in until 10:30 pm, and Sunday I had to put in an extra five hours to cover some prep work. Outside of that I’ve been building a playroom for the kids on an accellerated schedule and still trying to spend some quality time with the wife. I did get a little work done on a looted wagon and took some WIP shots for a post but I haven’t found the time to process them just yet.
    Dave G, I’m sorry to hear about your illness. It’s one of those things that just saps your energy and always hits at the worst times. Get well!

    • How is that coming along anyway, the bonus room? Figured you probably worked on it all week having it off and all.

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