List Your Blog on Our Blogroll

Here’s another semi-regular reminder that if you’re interested in being listed on our blogroll to the right that you just need drop a comment below with your blog’s URL. Also, be sure to link back to us as well on your blog. Lastly, blogs of all types are welcomed, be it a painting blog, tabletop news, whatever.


  • aruki
    • You’ve been added :)

  • Occurs to me your roll is sorted alphabetically… Most recent maybe instead?

    • I have caching setup and the problem is when I add new blogs that the caching gets hung on it and it will just list alphabetically. Once it clears itself up they do list by most recent. It’s an issue I’ve had with this plugin forever and have yet to find a worthwhile replacement for.

        • Not sure what I’m supposed to do with that :P Being this is a WordPress site, I do not have the option to drop that as a widget in here as Blogger platform users do.

  • Chaplain Sam

    I’d love to be added to the blogroll as well:

    • Done and thanks for the link back.

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