Looking for Interested Authors to Join Us

Every now and then I throw it out there that I’m looking for new authors and today is such a time.

What I’m after is simple really. If your interested in writing articles of any kind for any wargame then that’s about all there is to it. The types of articles don’t matter. They could be editorials, hobby stuff, battle reports, etc. The gaming system is open as well, be it Warmachine, Bolt Action, Malifaux, Warhammer 40K, etc. I would really like to expand the readership here and bring in new faces, so something other than Warhammer 40K would be great, but I’d be just as happy with another 40K author as well.

There’s no set schedule and the rate in which you produce articles is entirely up to you. You can be a new author or an existing author with his/her own blog who just wants to branch out into a new niche or gain more exposure. The community here is great and extremely supportive so have no fear of trolls.

I use WordPress as the blogging platform here but familiarity with it is not required. It’s really easy to learn and use; seriously.

If this is of interest to you then drop me a comment below or you can use the form found on this page.

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