Maelstrom of War? We’ve Got Maelstrom of War Custom Missions

For almost as long as this blog has been around there’s been a page for custom 40K missions that I’ve written. It faded away when 7th hit, and the new Maelstrom of War mission format, but it’s slowly being resurrected. So, I figured it was time to bring it to light for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Maelstrom Missions

In the menu, under Gaming, you’ll see Missions. That page is where the missions I create get placed.

Right now there are 4 Maelstrom of War missions there. To give credit where credit is due, another player at my FLGS (Steve) created the concept for two of those: Into the Fight, and Overt Strike. I just put them together into a more formal mission format. The other two: Compel, and Gambit, are mine.

Other Missions

I have roughly 12 other missions that I made between 5th and 6th edition that I plan to revise. So, they aren’t listed at the moment. Those missions aren’t Maelstrom of War, but they’re also not Eternal War missions either. Basically, they are somewhere between those two style of missions.


The missions are there for everyone to enjoy. Well, hopefully you enjoy them. I know WestRider has played them, and been awesome enough to give me feedback on them. Despite being pages, you can leave comments on those missions with any feedback you have.

That’s it for today. Just a friendly reminder that we have some custom Maelstrom of War missions if you feel like trying something different. Enjoy!

  • Compel, in particular, my group really liked. I highly recommend you all give it a try.

    • It really changes the dynamic with one simple change. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the two new ones.

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