March’s Tournament – Team Play

So next month at Crossroads we’ll be doing a team tournament with a random partner. Each person will bring a 1,000 point list using normal force organization, though we’re debating using Adapticon’s approach with a restricted force org chart, which I’m all for. Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout for this because I think it’s going to be a great time.

I’m thinking I’ll field my Orks, Sun’z Killaz, for the tournament. I’m still working with Fate’s Angels (my Marines), in the store campaign to try and improve my skills as a Marine player but I feel my Orks would lend a more interesting mix into a team game. The trick is devising the list. I have a fairly large collection to pull from, so lots of strategic and tactical choices to be had, but the random partner tosses a wrench into making the list. I love the idea of a random partner, no complaints about it, just building the list is that much harder.

My initial thought was to bring to the table the truly Orky units, things that stand out in an Ork army like Nobz, Lootas, maybe Tankbustas, things along those lines. Not knowing what my teammate will have for an army though seems to make that a bad idea. I’d have a top heavy list with minimal troops and would have to hope his army fills my gaps. Instead I’m going for a more rounded approach and utilizing the cheap Ork troops. As always I’ll be making use of Trukks for speed and a Big Mek toting a kustom force field, Nazduruk, to get that “safety” for my paper thin transports. My “surprise” unit is going to be Kommandos with two burnas lead by Snikrot. It’s my most expensive unit but I love using Snikrot. He’s a monster in assault and just adds that psychological warfare to the mix. I figure Kommandos will pair off well with any teammate I get, can’t go wrong with a guaranteed table edge outflank.

As we get closer to the tournament I’ll probably post up my list. I have a rough idea now but I’m sure I’ll alter it a bit between now and then.

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