Master & Apprentice: Fun Idea

Master & ApprenticeAt my FLGS we’re going to be starting something that’s been dubbed Master & Apprentice and it’s what it sounds like. I’m posting about it because I think it’s an awesome idea that any gaming group should do now and then.

If the title wasn’t a give away, the setup is that a ‘master’ will teach a new player how to play the particular army they are a master with. We all know that getting new players into the hobby is crucial and this does just that. The master will build the list and lend their army to the apprentice. Then each apprentice will play another apprentice. Both apprentices are under the tutelage of their respective master to guide them through the army and its use.

The other side of this, other than teaching new players and generating their interest, is that veteran players are participating as apprentices to armies they are either interested in or just want to learn more about. It’s one thing to read an enemy’s codex to come to grips with it but it’s a whole other to actually play it.

The response about it has been great at my FLGS. Also, this was not my idea, I’m just sharing it. I think we have around 20 players signed up for it between masters and apprentices, so much so that we’re doing this for two nights so that those teaching one night can apprentice the next.

There you have it. A simple and fun way to change-up a routine 40K night where everyone learns something.

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  • Anonymous

    I was a little reluctant to do this until I saw that someone wanted me to teach them Tau. Then I got really excited. I am a attention whore.

  • It’s been neat doing the Privateer Press Slow Grow League atm. Yes, it’s the army I’ve been playing for the last while, but everyone else is really enjoying trying out new armies and learning the differences between Warmachine / Hordes. It’s also neat to power out a bunch of smaller games.

    • Escalation leagues are a lot of fun. I’ve done a few campaigns that way, though I wasn’t building the army up at the time, and enjoyed it.

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