Maulerfiend Review – Unleash the Daemonic Hound

Much like the Forgefiend in 8th, if you liked the Maulerfiend previously then you’ll enjoy it in 8th edition. It remains a solid, and affordable choice to Chaos Marines. It remains largely unchanged from 7th, all things considered anyway.

So, if you like walkers, daemons, and smashing things then read on and see what I think of the Maulerfiend.

General Info

A big fast daemonic robot-thing that smashes stuff. What’s not to love about the Maulerfiend? This model quickly became one of my favorites when the 6th edition Chaos codex dropped so many years ago. I absolutely love walkers in 40K. I just love big robots in general. So, to get a model that looks awesome (I think, though I know many dislike it), and can leap across the board in short order, and I was sold.

Rules & Info

The Maulerfiend slowed down a bit in 8th edition, now only moving 10″ instead of the previous 12″. Still, at 10″ it still has an average threat range (charging), of 17″ – 22″ in a perfect world.


Maulerfiend vs Command Squad
Me catch you!

It comes equipped with two Maulerfiend Fists (x2S, -3AP, 3D), and has 4 attacks. The base cost of the Maulerfiend is 140pts (includes the fists).

Where the Maulerfiend suffers a bit is its WS4+. However, for those times when something absolutely has to die then you can use the Daemonforge stratagem for 1CP. That will let you re-roll all hits and wounds for the phase.


Something I really like is that the Maulerfiend is in the Heavy Support area. It’s not going to compete with other fast units from Fast Attack, meaning you can get a very fast list with Chaos. I also find that many of us CSM players don’t pull much from Heavy Support, so there’s little competition for its slot.

The Mauler has the Daemonic rule (5+ invulnerable save) and Infernal Regeneration. So, at the start of each of your turns you automatically heal a wound. That’s a very welcomed change from the old It Will Not Die rule in 7th. If you couple Infernal Regeneration with a nearby Warpsmith then you can keep the daemonic dog going for a long while.

Maulerfiend Wargear

There are only two options available to the Maulerfiend: Magma Cutters and Lasher Tendrils. The Lasher Tendrils will run you 12pts and they are well worth it. Where previously these were defensive weapons, under 8th they’ve become offensive. Now, Lasher Tendrils give you 6 attacks at user strength (6), and -2AP at 2 damage.

While the Tendrils are weaker than the fists, this still gives the Mauler a total of 10 attacks in the fight phase. That’s nothing to sneeze at! Again, couple this with the Daemonforge stratagem and you can really mangle a unit or a model.

The Magma Cutters have become pistols. The profile is: pistol 1, 6″, S8, -4AP, 3D. It’s neat, but you’re only getting 2 shots for the pair of Magma Cutters with a BS4+. So, it’s not all that great. It’s neat you can fire them while you’re in combat, being pistols and all, but I’d rather have the extra attacks the Lasher Tendrils offer to clear the combat and not be stuck in it to begin with.

Oh, ironically (I think), the Magma Cutters are also more expensive than the Tendrils at 16pts. This makes the Lasher Tendrils the clear choice to me.

Use on the Battlefield

The Maulerfiend, plain and simple, is a threat to anything. I use mine to chase down and neutralize threats I want gone fast.

Getting into combat with infantry isn’t exactly what the Maulerfiend excels at, however, it’s still useful to tie down things you don’t want moving. For the most part, I will use my Mauler to go after monstrous creatures, and to crack open transports and tanks. You just have to be careful to not let your Mauler get too far ahead of your army, which is easy to do with its fast movement. The Mauler is a priority target for any opponent, so presenting it too early to your enemy, without the proper support, will just see it nuked before it does anything worthwhile. But, if you keep it in check, and support it properly, then it can win you games.

Speaking of target priority, running two Maulers is great. As I said, people will gun for it early, so having a second one is never a bad idea. You can also gamble a bit more when you run them in pairs; one should live, right? Right…?

Either way, try to keep them together and after the same target. There isn’t much that will stand up to two Maulerfiends, and you can even manage to pound through an infantry unit.

Mauler just want hug!


At a base cost of only 140pts for an extremely fast-moving walker that packs a punch, has an invulnerable save, and heals wounds – it’s a steal. It’s not invincible, and there are some fights you don’t want, but you can’t go wrong taking 1, 2, or 3 of these in your list.

Any fellow Chaos players have something to add? How do you use your Maulerfiend(s)?

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  • I absolutely love Maulerfiends and do not regret getting a second one. Running two together are easily more than twice as good as just running one. More threats = high chance of your opponent make poor choices.

    And with the FAQ draft from GW stating that only one model per unit can use grenades in close combat the Maulerfiend’s survivability increased a lot.

    • I do like that grenade change. Not everyone is happy about it, IE: Marines. However, having basic troops – even Marines, just plant grenades all over your walkers and vehicles does get old.

      • Marines, both the pretty boys and our bad boys; astra militarum vets with melta bombs; tau with haywire grenades; ork tankbustas; all weep for the loss of mass grenades in assault.

        • Indeed, CSM also take the hit, but I think it’s just a fair ruling. It was often way too easy for a handful of guys to drag down a 20-ton rampaging machine. If a Dreadnought wades into infantry, that Dreadnought should, more often than not, come out on top.

          • That’s my exact sentiment too.

  • Best walker…ever. (non super). It took me six killa kans and a deff dread to kill one once.

    • If you can make those 5++ saves, then a Mauler can stick around for a very long time. Against things not packing S10, like Kans, it can just chew through it. It really does excel hunting down weaker walkers.

  • I am liking this sort of review! Pity they can’t be taken in packs though.

    So Forgefiends and Defilers next please.

    • A squadron of them would be damn useful for sure. Maybe in the next CSM codex…

      Noted, though the poor Defiler. He’s the walker you want to love but will almost always let you down :(

      • Yeah but I lvoe the look of the model, much more than a Soul Grinder for some reason.

        • I’m with you. The Defiler was one of my draws to Chaos. I just liked how it looked.


    MaulerFiends are one of my favorite Units. I do wish they had a couple more Attacks, and that the KDK ones didn’t cost an extra 5 Points for no reason (OK, yeah, they get Furious Charge, but that only makes a difference if both Fists get blown off), but still, in either CSM or KDK, I love them for the Points.

    Speaking of which, you know what’s better than running two MaulerFiends? Running three of them :D I can’t wait to get my fourth together and painted up and on the field.

    Personally, I wouldn’t take more than half of them with Lasher Tendrils. Most of the things that can really hurt you have relatively few Attacks per Model, and are also the kinds of things where the extra Hits from the Magma Cutters are really nice to have.

    It Will Not Die and DaemonForge have both been incredibly frustrating Rules for me. Calling DaemonForge on anything I’m not auto-hitting pretty much means I’m going to whiff completely, and I don’t think I’ve ever had IWND kick in on a MaulerFiend that wasn’t Immobilized. Those get themselves back up to full HP regularly :P

    • Yeah, both tendrils and cutters have their use for sure. Speaking of bad rolls, and I have all the same bad rolls you mentioned, the Magma Cutters. It’s one reason I stopped taking them on my lone Maulerfiend.

      Great! I hit with all attacks, time to make 2 Magma Cutter attacks. Oh, damn. I missed with them! Next round of combat: OK, 1 cutter attack…missed!

      So, I said screw it, grabbed the tendrils for a useful passive benefit instead of missing all the time with those extra attacks.

      • The Magma Cutter Attacks hit automatically. That’s part of what I love about them. Against tough targets, they’re pretty much at least one guaranteed extra hit.

        Actually, that reminds me of something else: I wish there were a good way to get re-rolls to Hit with them. With so few Attacks, it can get frustrating how variable their performance is.

        • My god. I feel like an idiot. I read the part about getting attacks with them, and then overlooked that they hit automatically. I’ve been doing it wrong for years… *facepalm*

          The lack of attacks is my big gripe with the Mauler. If ever there was a punchy angry robot, it’s the Maulerfiend. Maybe the new CSM book will give us an upgrade to get re-rolls, or at least a single re-roll like master crafted.

          • Don’t feel bad. It’s buried in there. I missed it myself until someone else pointed it out to me.

            The one thing I can see is running a Khorne Herald on a Blood Throne with the Locus that gives Hatred in the middle of a pack of Maulers. But he’s such a squishy target and he buffs the Maulers so much that he’s pretty much just going to get gunned down first thing.

            • With a setup like that, yeah, that Herald won’t make it past turn #1. I’ve not run one on a chariot at all because I just feel he’s an easy target period.

              • I was really disappointed that the Herald on Chariot wasn’t also part of the Unit in the Skull Cannon Formation from Curse of the Wulfen. That would have been a cool bunch of firepower plus extra protection for him.

                • Forever has Chaos gotten the short end of the stick.

                  • Not forever. Just since September 2007. The 2nd Ed and 3.5 Chaos Dexes were awesome.

                    • Well, I came into CSM by 5th edition, so for me it’s been forever :)

                    • Sometimes I forget just how long it’s been. Hard to believe I’m coming up on 20 years playing this Game.

                    • I got into 40K 10 years ago. CSM was my 4th army, and final army. I came into it with the 4th edition codex, so I missed the coveted 3.5. Instead, I learned CSM with a bland and flavorless codex. If it wasn’t for the fluff and modeling, I would have abandoned them long ago with the poor treatment GW has given them ever since.

                    • Know ye then, that between the release of Codex: Eye of Terror and the coming of 5th Edition, there was an age undreamed of. Unto this came Abaddon, daemonsword in hand. A reaver, a slayer, a conqueror, destined to crush the Golden Throne of Terra beneath his armoured feet ;)

                      And I still didn’t even think about how long that 9 years has been. At this point, CSM have sucked for more of my 40K time than not.

  • They do seem like a great choice for my Thousand Sons in 8th and all. A pair would really help keep things at a distance.

    • They’re still tricky to keep alive, but in general they live longer than they used to in 8th.

  • Kenneth Raymond

    I loved using these to annoy people. (I preferred the forgefiend with triple plasma, which once killed 15 black Templars in a single shooting phase. It then proceeded to ignore all the heavy weapon fire directed at it (8 5+ invulnerable saves in a row) before it got charged by chaplain grimaldus and spent the rest of the game locked in combat with him.)
    In one game (of 7th) I had a mauler fiend absorb ten lascannon shots, a plasma blastgun maximal hit, an orbital strike, 3 meltas and four krak missiles in a single turn. (My luck was beyond good with my daemon saves. Cursed earth helped a bit too mind.) Nothing attracted then survived more heavy weapons than one of these. THSS terminators were my go to unit to stop them. (If you had them you didn’t need to allocate your entire heavy weapon contingent to remove one maulerfiend.

    • That’s impressive. My luck in 7th was a funny look would see it explode. It’s done well for me in 8th against any army but Grey Knights. The Grey Knight smite does flat 3 damage to any daemon, and they have a TON of it.

      • I still haven’t tried my Maulerfiends in 8th. The LasherFiend looks mighty fine with its ten attacks. The Daemonforged Stratagem is the secret sauce of Daemon Engines, insanely good for just one CP.

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