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I’ve been “surfing” the YouTube channel and see a lot of videos with fellow gamers that chat about what they are doing and what they think about our beloved hobby. Most of the time I’m following 40k but sometimes other games catch my interest. I’ve done a few of these myself and I thought I would share one because I do a review on Imperial Armour: Aeronautica. As most gamers around me tell me they can’t afford these books, I did this to give them inspiration that there is some “old” models that can lend relief in dealing with fliers.

I also talk about a rather debated subject which is “Should Imperial Armour be allowed in Tournament Games”. We would love to hear what you think as the more the community speaks the better to understand the feeling involved and perhaps a compromise by the two sides. I add a couple of little segments, one a Workshop type and another future involvement by the people that bring Spectre Studios to you. So please check it out and let us know if this is something you will follow and we welcome comments.

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Mind of the Spectre Video Log
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