Mission: Attack and Defend v1.1

Based on some great feedback by eriochrome I’ve changed up the mission a bit. So, here’s v1.1 of the Attack and Defend mission. If you’re wondering it was the scoring method that has changed.

Attack and Defend

Secure the enemy’s deployment zone while defending your own.

At the end of each player turn you gain points for each condition you meet below:

* if no enemy scoring units are in your deployment zone
* if you have a scoring unit in your enemy’s deployment zone

The points vary based on what turn it is:

Turn #1: 1pt
Turn #2: 2pts
Turn #3: 3pts
Turn #4: 4pts
Turn #5: 5pts
Turn #6: 6pts
Turn #7: 7pts

IE: There are no enemy scoring units in my deployment zone at the end of my turn on turn #3 so I gain 3pts for that. I also have a scoring unit in my enemy’s deployment zone so I gain another 3pts for a total of 6pts.

Pitched Battle

Game Length
Standard game length or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Infiltrate, scout, deep strike, reserves, outflank, night fight turn #1

Calculate Results
Massacre – 12 points or more than your opponent
Major – 8 points or more than your opponent
Minor – 4 points or more than your opponent
Draw – Any other condition

Battle Point Modifiers
+1 destroying all enemy Troops
+1 if all your Troops are alive
+1 if the enemy has no units left in their deployment zone
+1 if you have a Troop unit of your own in your deployment zone
+1 if the enemy never had a Troop unit in your deployment zone

The point differences for the type of win are a bit up in the air. I was running some numbers on what I thought would be a typical game and came up with that but no doubt play testing is going to be required to get a real feel for the numbers, which I’ll do tonight. Some numbers for consideration. These are the maximum possible points you could score:

Turn #5: 30pts
Turn #6: 42pts
Turn #7: 56pts

You could only score that much by those turns if you completely dominated the enemy by having a Troop in their deployment zone and none in yours the entire game.

  • Anonymous

    How are you using the word Troops? As a generic for any unit, any scoring unit, or any unit from the Troops section of codexes?

    • I just changed the wording to be scoring unit instead of troop to avoid confusion.

      • Anonymous

        My Troops with the Swarm SR hate you now.

        • Their profile specifically states they can’t claim objectives or table quarters though, so it wouldn’t have mattered. However, units like Sternguard if taken with Kantor now like me :)

          • Anonymous

            Being unable to score isn’t a part of the Swarm USR but rather a part of the definition of Scoring Unit. So the use of Troops instead of Scoring Unit means different things.

            This actually has been an issue in games. Once even in a tournament with House Rule victory conditions, where one person assumed Troops meant Scoring Unit and the other thought Troops meant Troops. Tactical decisions were made based on that and when the game closed on turn 5 victory had to be decided on a 4+ roll. The TO being conflicted, wanting to apply the rule as he intended but recognizing that that conflicted with what he wrote.

            • I can see how that would happen. That’s why I was glad you asked the question because I could see the possible confusion.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the kind words. As you can see from the Troops discussion being clear is very important. It is also important to remember that the points scored are not directly battle points but are converted to victory level to determine battle points scored.

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