Mission: Battlefield Superiority v2.1.0

Battlefield SuperiorityAnother mission of mine being updated for 6th edition. A cleaner format for printing and downloading can be found here.

Battlefield Superiority v2.1.0

Primary (15pts) –  Modified Table Quarters (see below)

Secondary (10pts) – Kill Points (see below)

Tertiary (5pts) – One objective is placed in the center of each table quarter not being deployed in. The player who holds this objective, using standard objective rules (pg. 123), wins the tertiary.

Quaternary (+1pt) – For each of your scoring units still alive at the end of the game. Fleeing units or units still in reserves count as destroyed.

Modified Table Quarters
To claim a quarter you must have more scoring units in a table quarter than the enemy does. A unit may only claim one quarter. If a unit is in more than one quarter then you must declare which they are claiming.

At the end of the game you score points for each quarter you hold. The player with more points wins the primary mission. The points are as follows:

Your Deployment Quarter – 1pt
Opponent’s Deployment Quarter – 3pts
Other Two Quarters – 2pts

Kill Points
For each enemy unit destroyed you get 1 KP (kill point). ICs and dedicated transports are also worth a KP. Units that have fled off the board, or are fleeing at the end of the game, are worth KP. Also any units in ongoing reserves at the end of the game are also worth KP.

* All objectives are completely impassable. They cannot be moved upon by anything whatsoever, no exceptions.

** If a mission is tied or neither player achieve it, with the exception of the quaternary, then both players split the points for that mission rounding up. Also, If you table your opponent (destroy his/her entire army), then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the missions. Tabling your opponent is not an automatic win, you still need to accomplish the missions.

Spearhead – The table is divided into quarters. Measure out 12″ from the board center; that’s the dead zone. The player who chooses deployment zones selects a table quarter and the other player deploys in the one diagonal from that. You deploy in your table quarter respecting the 12″ dead zone which you cannot deploy in.

Game Length
Standard game length (pg. 122), or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Night Fighting (pg. 124), Reserves (pg. 124)


  • JustHippie

    I really hate the “units in reserve at the end of the game are worth KP” It sucks when your opponent plays slow and you don;’t get reserves and the guy that played slow benefits.

    • Understood. With flyers though, and there’s no shortage of them, it “helps” to balance that out a bit.

      You know, I let me change it to read something like, “If your stuff has to start in reserves (IE: Daemons, Drop Pod Assault, etc.), then it doesn’t count as KP if it doesn’t arrive.” Of course this will include flyers but at least you aren’t penalized for something you have no choice over.

      Sound fair?

      • JustHippie

        How about simply “Units in resrve when the game ends from turn 5 on are worth KP” My issue is slow players and only getting 3 turns in, not so much that they are dead if still in reserves.

        • Good idea and I’ve updated this mission, and the prior one using KP, to make that stipulation.

          • TheRhino

            Is there any distinction made for Ongoing Reserves as opposed to standard reserves?

            • I’ll clarify my alteration. There’s nothing that could normally be in reserves after turn #4, it would have to be ongoing reserves at that point. So, I’ll just alter it to indicate specifically ongoing reserves from turn #5 on.

              • TheRhino

                that was actually my point. If the game ends on Turn 3 and one player has 3 flyers in Ongoing Reserve, are those worth KP? If not, why not?

                • Gotcha.

                  So, simply saying anything in ongoing reserves at game end is worth a KP would be clean and make sense. That means Daemons who get shorted on turns are not penalized as it’s not ongoing reserves. However, flyers going into ongoing reserves run a risk as well as any mishap deepstrikes that enter ongoing reserves.

                  • JustHippie

                    Sounds great to me. This way Deep strikers that take that big risk and end up in ongoing reserves are penalized too as they should be. Intentionally flying into ongoing reserves to avoid being shot/assaulted also should be penalized so this will work to deter SLOW players. If it doesn’t get to come in you don’t get a chance to kill it.

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