Mission Idea #4: Attack and Defend

So far the missions I’ve written have been well received at the shop so I wanted to write up some more. This one is based off the 4th Edition mission Recon. If you’re not sure what I’m posting about, see Mission Idea #1: The Long Haul.

Attack and Defend

Secure the enemy’s deployment zone while defending your own.

At the end of each game turn you gain points for the following:

+1 if no enemy Troops are in your deployment zone (including the first turn)
+1 if you have a Troop unit in your enemy’s deployment zone. It’s +1 regardless of how many Troops you have in their deployment zone.

Pitched Battle

Game Length
Standard game length or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Infiltrate, scout, deep strike, reserves, outflank, night fight turn #1

Calculate Results
Massacre – 3 points or more than your opponent
Major – 2 points or more than your opponent
Minor – 1 point or more than your opponent
Draw – Any other condition

Battle Point Modifiers
+1 destroying all enemy Troops
+1 if all your Troops are alive
+1 if the enemy has no units left in their deployment zone
+1 if you have a Troop unit of your own in your deployment zone
+1 if the enemy never had a Troop unit in your deployment zone

  • Anonymous

    I like it. Basically a broader version of Capture and Control that doesn’t result in nearly as many ties. Would be a good C&C substitute for tourneys.

  • The one thing I’m unsure of, and probably going to come down to play testing, is the margin of victory scores. In running some basic scenarios of how games ‘typically’ play out, the margin of 3 seemed appropriate for a massacre.

  • Anonymous

    This mission will just crush a foot based army. 24 inches to cross plus terrain issues means that you could easily be down 6-0 by the fourth turn when you finally get that unit that has only been running into the opponents half. Also one of the problems with the cumuliative scoring is that it messes the balance between going first and second. It allows the player going second to essentially do objective grab tactics every turn.

    Does Mech really need more help?

    • Valid points.

      I do like the idea of cumulative scoring, it just works easier with the scoring system we use. If I went more like the original Recon mission then it all comes down to the last turn, where things are at when the game ends. Going the route of the original mission is possible but would require changing it so you aren’t scoring at the end of each game turn but instead game end. So, something like:

      +1 for each Troop unit in the enemy deployment zone at game end
      +1 if no enemy Troops are in your deployment zone at game end

      What concerns me with something like that is there’s a greater chance for a tie. What about instead I change up the deployment so foot sloggers aren’t crossing 24″ to reach the enemy’s deployment zone? Spearhead would put the enemy closer together and probably make for a more strategic scenario as well.

  • Anonymous

    A way to do it is the point are scored in the half turn for your deployment zone so at the end of any player turn if there are no enemy troops in his zone he gets a point but if there are the opponent gets the point. You then have points awarded after the last turn worth twice the in game turns.

    Another option is the growing points like zero after turn 1, 1 after turn 2, 2 after turn 3, etc. Makes the last turns more important like a real battle and helps with balance between fast and slow armies.

    I have a similar mission written here:


  • I’m really liking the idea of growing point values. It’s simple but really adds a nice dynamic to the mission.

    I appreciate you taking the time to help me out with these missions.

  • Anonymous

    Happy to assist. The growing point values come from GW through Apoc Reloaded as a modification of cumulitive points to make the end of the game still exciting and prevent one side from getting such a lead by the end of turn 3 that the game is not worth playing more regardless of the states of the armies.

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