Mission: King of the Hill v3.0

As I did with Attack and Defend, I’m updating this mission to remove the game turn point conditions and adding end of game win conditions.

King of the Hill

Secure the central objective and table quarters while preventing the enemy from doing the same.

Place one objective in the center of the table. Use the standard 5th Edition objective rules for capturing the objective.

To claim a table quarter you must have a scoring unit in a quarter with no enemy units in the quarter. If a unit is in more than one table quarter then they must choose which they are holding; you can’t score two different quarters with one unit. Likewise, a unit holding the center objective can choose to hold that objective or a table quarter they are in, not both.

3pts – holding the center objective
1pt – each table quarter you hold


Game Length
Standard game length or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Infiltrate, scout, deep strike, reserves, outflank, seize the initiative, night fight turn #5 onward

Calculate Results
Massacre – 5pts or more than your opponent
Major – 4pts more than your opponent
Minor – 1-3pts more than your opponent
Draw – Any other condition

* NOTE: If you table your opponent then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the mission objective.

Battle Point Modifiers
+1 destroying all enemy Troops
+1 for having none of your units in your deployment zone at the end of the game
+1 if you held the center objective for 3 consecutive turns
+1 if you hold at least 3 table quarters
+1 if the enemy never held the center objective

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