Mission: Recovery v1.02

The final mission we played in the tournament also needs some minor adjustments. Of all the missions this one seemed to play out pretty well with two massacres, one major, three minors and one draw. It was also the last mission, so pairings should have been spot on.

Now, the two massacres were brutal massacres, like done by turn #2 or #3 brutal. Both of the armies who accomplished this had very fast armies that were able to scout into position and then run away with objectives. My idea to try and balance this out, without at the same time removing a valid strategy, is such:

Objectives can not be picked up until turn #2. Also, the entire unit needs to reach a board edge in order to claim it, not just a single model. Those two changes should make it, unless I’m overlooking something, only possible to secure objectives by turn #3 and no sooner. Fast armies can scoot way with it by turn #3 but if they went second then they’ll be shot at for three rounds, or if having gone first for two rounds. The addition of the entire unit needing to reach an edge means no daisy-chaining models, which I was guilty of too.

I had put some thought into restricting no extra movement like running, turbo-boosting, etc, but I don’t think it will be needed. Doing so would probably cripple foot armies and hopefully the above helps balance out fast and mech armies.


Both sides are trying to recover valuable objects from the field while preventing the enemy from doing the same.

Five objectives are to be used. One objective is placed in the center of each table quarter and one in the center of the board.

To claim an objective you must secure it and escort it off the table with a scoring unit or an infantry unit. Jump infantry can only claim an objective if they are a scoring unit.

Starting on turn #2 you can begin to secure objectives. To secure an objective the unit must end its movement phase with one model in base contact with the objective. Units that are pinned/gone to ground, falling back, in assault, or otherwise unable to move freely, are not able to secure an objective. A unit may only claim one objective.

Once secured the objective is removed from the table and is now being held by the securing unit. That entire unit, every model, much reach the table edge in order to claim the objective. The entire unit is then removed from the game and counts as having claimed that objective. The unit does not count as having been destroyed.

If a unit holding an objective is destroyed, or forced to fall back, then the objective is dropped as near the center of the unit as possible; before making a fallback move if applicable. The objective may not be placed within 1″ of any unit or model. If dropping it near the center puts it within 1″ of a model then move it the least distance possible from the center point to be at least 1″ away from a model.


Game Length
Standard game length or time, whichever comes first.

Special Rules
Infiltrate, scout, deep strike, reserves, outflank, seize the initiative

Calculate Results
Massacre – Claim three or more objectives than your opponent
Major – Claim two objectives more than your opponent
Minor – Claim one objective more than your opponent
Draw – Any other condition

* NOTE: If you table your opponent then you may use the remaining turns, if there are any left, to achieve the mission objective.

Battle Point Modifiers
+1 if your opponent claimed no objectives
+1 if one of your HQs (attached to a unit or not), claimed an objective
+1 for having none of your units in your deployment zone at the end of the game
+1 if you claimed the objective in your opponent’s deployment zone
+1 if you claimed both objectives placed in the empty table quarters

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